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Zpey 15 ft 10/11 34/38g

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Hello guys, just got one of these rods recently and looking to set it up with a DTX G2 head or similar any one using one arround here ? best regards
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I am using a 43gr 9/10 ultra spey on the rod at the moment but a drury 10/11 multi or 675 Skagit also works for me as I think you will need to go a bit heavier than the line rating if you are a learner like me.hope this helps a bit if its the instinct cheers craig
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If MacKenzie is the way you'd like to go, they are superb lines, I was using the G2 42g on the zpey 14'8".

I would think that the MacKenzie G2 9/10 42gram 42 feet shooting head would be very good on that rod.

It could most likely also handle the MacKenzie G2 10/11 at 44grams and 44 feet.
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never had a cast with the zspey rods but looking at the rod handle design it looks like it encourages casting off the tip,therefore using a heavy line might not be a good idea!!I could be wrong thought but id be trying the recomended weights first off IMHO
g2 dtx floating s/h

Opted for the 42g g2 dtx floating head perfect, turning over tips and for distance and descent enough presentation, really good head this.:) A bit more than the rods rated for sure @ 38g but seems to cope very well and it all feels just right so am thinking it IS,,,,,,,,,,,,,

the longe you go with you head the more you can go up with your weight of your head. i use on my zpey instinct 14.6 " a 13m 40 gramm fusion extended but if i use for normal fishing a fusion in the 11m range i use the recommended 34 gramm. the rod is rated 33-35 gramm.

if you cast in a normal way underhand cast you will ancor with the longer head more of its front taper.

regards from oldervik

zpey 15ft 10/11

Had previously used zpeys fusion 2 heads @37g think they were 11.5m for the 0/0/1 and 11m for the 0/1/2 and found them competent heads but have to say the g2 dtx is far better at everything in my opinion at least , am aware that we are all liking different things , so just goes to show its what you the fisher is comfortable with , from now on will definately be using the numbers on the boxes and blanks as a very very rough guide .:)
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