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Ref the fridge problem. Get a few thick bath towels together and tip the fridge up and on them. Then drag the fridge into position. Worked well for me.
My missus pulled a fast one in spring. Let's extend the kitchen and get a new kitchen! If I'd known what was coming I'd have left the country for good. As a result I've been kitchen shopping (that nearly finished me), floor shopping, paint shopping, DIYing, decorating, removing kitchens, fitting floors, fitting radiators (that cost me a night fishing trip when I drilled right through a water pipe which was extra special fun when my son came wandering downstairs as I was hammering away at the wall, water flowing everywhere, to get the pipe out and cap it off -"why did you drill through the water pipe, dad?"), filling big holes in walls, managing builders who mark water pipes in the wrong places, kitchen fitters, Sparky's, plumbers, window fitters, heating engineers etc etc...I've just got the skirting to fit (I'll enjoy that as I've bought a new tool to do the job), last visit by the kitchen fitter on Monday and hopefully all done. The bit that gets me is where to stop the painting - it starts in the kitchen but spreads inexorably. I've had to do every inch of gloss work in the house and four rooms in total. Right now I am contemplating how to get the new enormous fridge back into place over the newly fitted floor without damaging the floor. I'll pluck up the courage in an hour or so after a glass of fizzy. Then the shower failed last week so I've got that to replace. Using the same bathroom as my missus and daughter is totally emasculating, scrambling through hundreds of bottles of shampoo, conditioner, false eyelashes which with my eyesight look like huge spiders, 15 different types of beautifully scented shower gels, bath salts, oh god the bath salts, why do girls give their friends bath salts for birthday presents - is it because they all think their friends smell bad? If I'm lucky I locate my 2 year old bar (actually it's a thin almost transparent sliver) of soap before I get the hurry up from one or t'other.

Never mind, it will all be sorted for her 50th party which is all that matters.

Oh, and today my little girl smashed her GCSEs so the corks will be popping later.

Sorry about the ramble. I just couldn't stop:) life is good, but I always feel it would be better if I could fish more:)
61 - 64 of 64 Posts
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