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the problem with having dogs

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is letting them go,
had to send my wee buddy misty off this morning she was 13 and cant say its not been coming but it never gets easier... will miss her, best wee skye we have had..


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Craig, sorry just seen your post. Am gutted for you. I too have been there, 4 times now. Our dugs leave a huge hole in our hearts when they depart this world. However, I think they leave that hole so that it can be re-filled by a newcomer that will receive the same love from us that our departed friends have had.

Had a right scare with my equally tennis ball obsessed springer this week. She got poisoned and it was a bit touch and go for a while! Thank God she made it and has astounded everyone by how quickly she's bounced back. She was running about after her ball at full tilt this afternoon.......3 days ago she was lying there with drips in everywhere and tubes out of every oriffice.

I'm also becoming painfully aware that my wee Border Terrier is getting on in years......only seems two minutes since she was an attitude filled wee ball of fluff in my hand.

Give your other two an extra hug tonight.
1 - 1 of 31 Posts
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