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Spey casting with streamers on 12ft 7/8 fly rod

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Hi for all. How big streamers could I be able to spey cast with 12ft 7/8 fly rod and skagit head, please?
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I'm guessing you are the same person who posts to the American forums in our 2 hand category?

7/8 should be a 475 to 600 grain window and so a large fly will be fine dependent on your abilities with the rod.

Hi Ard, yes you are right. I wanted to know, if somebody has experience with this in this forum. I am curious, if this rod is capable to throw 6 to max 10cm unweighted streamer with 23ft floating skagit head and e.g. 10ft T-10 sink tip or I can buy Airflo Skagit Compact FIST 21,5ft head, which is float/intermediate/sink3.
I think it should be no problem at all. I´m casting these sizes (unweighted, no zonkers) with 11ft 3wt. and 230grain head.
I use a 12 ft cross with a 450 grain echo skagit it deals with big stuff no problem at all , last year I wanted an even lighter set up and went for a greys switch gr60 in the 8/9 I matched that up with a rio 350 grain iflight and rio flight with opst 12 foot riffle ,bucket and run tips and my cross is starting to gather dust in the corner .
Thank you. It is a Loop Cross 12ft aftma 7?
Thank you. It is a Loop Cross 12ft aftma 7?
same as mine , 450 grain with 12 ,13 foot of t stuff ,I mainly use t11 from rio much heavier and its overloading the rod imho but I,m sure others on here will differ in opinion,,,,,,,OPST Commando head 450g plus two tips. ,just been put on classified ads .:thumb:
Sorry for my mistake, it was question for you. I was hurry, sorry. I have a Shakespeare Oracle spey 12ft 7/8.
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