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South Esk 2023

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Not that there's a rush as I am not alone in usually waiting until around May before fishing the river, it is my local water and a river I have got to know quite well in places. I usually fish below Brechin on the Montrose water or Kinnaird middle and lower beats, I have fished at Cortachy, Finavon Castle and on the old Careston syndicate beat in the past, catching a few Salmon and Sea Trout, of course the only really big fish I've hooked let go after about 5 minutes, but had some decent trout and grilse and will hopefully be giving it some later on.
One beat I do fish more than others is the Kinnaird water, I like the fact you get 24 hours to fish, so I arrive at 6.00 am as per the rules, usually fish till around lunchtime, depending on the tide and the fishing, then go home for lunch. I then return in the evening to have a go at the Sea trout, you can fish all night as long as Donald knows what you are up to and finish at 6.00 in the morning, I am usually in bed around midnight as it's a long old day, no stamina these days lol.

My wife shot this rather grainy vid on her phone
Salmon fishing with a fly - YouTube
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Just drove over the river at Brechin, it looks very low
Says it’s sitting at 5” at Brechin and 7” up gella bridge.
Not too bad.
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I’m worried how it will be up crossbogs.
I think the red braes will have been effected
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Hope no, though might have scoured it back out a bit?
I would of thought at least that Andy.
Here’s a pic of the red braes from last season. You can imagine what a huge river height has done to that bank. A load of them trees will be away. I just hope they are not all sitting in the pool.
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