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South Esk 2023

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Not that there's a rush as I am not alone in usually waiting until around May before fishing the river, it is my local water and a river I have got to know quite well in places. I usually fish below Brechin on the Montrose water or Kinnaird middle and lower beats, I have fished at Cortachy, Finavon Castle and on the old Careston syndicate beat in the past, catching a few Salmon and Sea Trout, of course the only really big fish I've hooked let go after about 5 minutes, but had some decent trout and grilse and will hopefully be giving it some later on.
One beat I do fish more than others is the Kinnaird water, I like the fact you get 24 hours to fish, so I arrive at 6.00 am as per the rules, usually fish till around lunchtime, depending on the tide and the fishing, then go home for lunch. I then return in the evening to have a go at the Sea trout, you can fish all night as long as Donald knows what you are up to and finish at 6.00 in the morning, I am usually in bed around midnight as it's a long old day, no stamina these days lol.

My wife shot this rather grainy vid on her phone
Salmon fishing with a fly - YouTube
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Had a look at the Southie today.
Water was up and a bit of colour.
Lot of changes on the beat.
Loads of gravel movement.
Floods were that bad, silage bales were dumped along the beats.
Farmer was lucky he had just got rid of his pigs.
All the pools were changed.
Going to have to find the new lies in every pool.
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Some shift of gravel and sand! I wonder what top end of Clochie is going to be like?
Got to be totally different. Even down at cemetery theres a lot of change.

The tide line in the field is 70m from the river.
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26lb of Inshewan today, seen a pic on Facepuke, cracking fish.
And here was me hoping it would only be me fishing tomorrow.
Cracking fish though.
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Finally off the Mark.
Love these later nights.
Quick 9 holes of golf after work, where the wife whupped me.
So off to the southie for an hours consolation.
3 casts in and bang.
Always good to get a fish in March
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