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South Esk 2023

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Not that there's a rush as I am not alone in usually waiting until around May before fishing the river, it is my local water and a river I have got to know quite well in places. I usually fish below Brechin on the Montrose water or Kinnaird middle and lower beats, I have fished at Cortachy, Finavon Castle and on the old Careston syndicate beat in the past, catching a few Salmon and Sea Trout, of course the only really big fish I've hooked let go after about 5 minutes, but had some decent trout and grilse and will hopefully be giving it some later on.
One beat I do fish more than others is the Kinnaird water, I like the fact you get 24 hours to fish, so I arrive at 6.00 am as per the rules, usually fish till around lunchtime, depending on the tide and the fishing, then go home for lunch. I then return in the evening to have a go at the Sea trout, you can fish all night as long as Donald knows what you are up to and finish at 6.00 in the morning, I am usually in bed around midnight as it's a long old day, no stamina these days lol.

My wife shot this rather grainy vid on her phone
Salmon fishing with a fly - YouTube
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Hey burnie I seen your post about the South esk and you fish it alot just wondering if I could pick your brains.
Now I'm useless at fly fish but am not too bad at spinning, I'm going to newbattle at the last weekend in May and was wondering if you have ever spun on this part of the South esk and is it worth me having a go.
Any advice or info on this part of the esk would be very much appreciated
Cheers dave
Haven't fish the river in the borders so sadly cannot help, good luck, one thing on some rivers you can only spin when the water is up to a certain level, quite a lot of waters are fly only these days too.
Just drove over the river at Brechin, it looks very low
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Sadly I'm due back in hospital to have my prostate this coming week removed so sadly I shall miss this early run.
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