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Sound of an old reel...can't whack it .

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My Marquis reels have served me well for years
this the no/1 I use on mt 10ft lpxe .
What a racket they make when you get a good fish on especially an early springer like this one.

I've had a wee bit criticism on the handling but it was a very lively fish and a difficult one point I thought it was never going to stop.

I also use Youngs reels which are just as robust and noisy as the Marquis.
may springer. - YouTube
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I've been saving up for loop classic for that authentic yeeha im in noise. Had the cash there but just blew it on a load more top grade and fancy cork, alps reel seats and a load of rod tubes for all the blanks that I've just had made.
Should have saved up enough again by the spring. I'm determined to enjoy that scream when I get in about all those springers im going to catch :LOL:
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Why not buy a and just listen to need to spend much to get that sound.... the hardest part is finding a fish like that these days....a proper fish.
That was one of the best fishing vids I've ever seen Colin. Fantastic. Just realised I've been watching your vids for years mate :LOL:
The young lads got a marquis. Can't wait to show him that vid mate.
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This reel was not a marquis but a loop classic loaned by a forum member..
They're a bit rickety on the retrieval ,but they look the part .
Never the less an early Earn fish from last season
Was a Braw day Colin.
Auld Sandy netting Charlie out the way :LOL:
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