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Some shrimps

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Intruder style shrimps tied on 2/0 ahrex predator singles for the Tay in a fortnight with the Mid-Clyde Fly Tying club.

Same pattern for all 3 but weighted differently, from dumbbells on left, beadchain in middle and unweighted on right to cover different waters.


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Absolutely stunning! Very creative and life-like.
Nice tying,

Now for my (I don't live where you do) question....... When you say they are "life like" what are they imitating? I see the word Shrimps but am wondering should I tie some of these in case the virus doesn't ruin my trip to your country.

Thanks :)
Remarkable and very creative! Top job :thumb:
Ade, they’re not a million miles away from a general practitioner in style, and are intended to imitate the shrimps or prawns the fish feed on whilst at sea, hoping to encourage a predatory response even though they’re not feeding whilst in river. A few standard GP’s would serve you well if fishing in the UK?
They look cracking gary :thumb: I'd love to see what they look like in the water
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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