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Unfortunately I struggle with the camera of my phone which deforms the image and is not well color balanced, such that the flies look more compact and dense as they are really.
For instance the last one is sunburst yellow and burnt orange whereas it looks fluo yellow and hot orange which is not.
I'd be happy to read your tricks to get a good picture with a smartphone.

Anyway quite happy with the result

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Lovely looking flies.

My findings with my iphone for the best photo's:
1. Do not hit the screen to centre focus on the fly. Just position the lens to achieve the same
2. Do not get as close to the fly as you can or zoom in. Take the photo a little further away and crop in. The image tends to be sharper too
3. Play with the background colour. I find greys and lilacs result in the truest photo
4. Natural daylight ALWAYS delivers a more natural colour than room lighting when its dark outside.

I hope some of that helps,
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