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Review of the Simms G4 Pro 2015 version compared to the 2011 version

I thought I’d write up my initial thoughts on the new Simms G4 Pro 2015 wading jacket compared to the older (2011 purchase) version I already have.

The reason for buying a new one now is that the old girl has now been in constant use for 6 years, fishing about 85 days per year, and although still totally waterproof, it is showing signs of wear. A new one will definitely be needed soon, and my logic in buying now is that I had a good deal offered by Fishtec, and thought that the price would soon be going up as a result of the decline in the £ versus the $.

The old jacket is by far the best wading jacket I have ever owned, bar none, despite its price tag – I think it cost about £380 in 2011, and has never ever let me down – I have fished in torrential rain, freezing cold conditions, stuffed the pockets full of flies & assorted smoking materials, but not once has anything ever got wet. It is re-proofed with Nikwax when it gets dirty (the Wye is a pretty muddy river) and always comes up as good as new.

Anyway, my new jacket arrived today and I laid the 2 side by side to compare them.

Firstly, I’ll deal with the difference that I don’t really care about –

• The new jacket is about 2” longer than the old one, and all the additional length is below the chest bellows pocket. Not really an issue unless you’re wading really deeply. Anyway, if that becomes an issue, you can always tighten the bottom elastic and pull the jacket up to clear the water.

The things I do like about the new jacket

• There is a really useful pocket on the left sleeve. Perfect for a single reel of leader.
• The breast pockets are much bigger – the old version had 2 really small pockets at the front which weren’t much use.
• There is proper stowage for the hood in the collar. The old version had a Velcro tab that held the hood rolled up, but it could never be properly concealed.
• The Velcro fly patch holder on the left breast can be popped away into a pouch rather than left exposed.

Things I don’t like about the new jacket

• Lack of tool magnets – the old version has 2 small magnets that grip snips etc held on the retractable springs to the fabric of the jacket – the new one doesn’t have these at all
• The “D” ring on the back is plastic compared to metal on the older version – not that I use it, its just plasticky!
• The pit zips that allow you to get some underarm ventilation are much shorter in the new version, and have only one zip end. In the old version, the zips extended from almost the elbow to mid chest, and could be adjusted to open wherever you wanted with double ended zips
• The toggles on the zips are shorter, and the ends smaller than on the old version, which may test cold hands.
• The colour – my old jacket is grey & orange – it wasn’t my choice, but her indoors did say that at least people would see me if I were floating down a river, which struck me as both caring and practical, and I’ve grown to like it. There isn’t that option in the new version, with either whetstone or black being the only options

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Agree with your comment about the lack of magnets.

The other thing I find mildly irritating is the anchor tab for clipping the forceps to that is below the left breast pocket. Just right for getting tangled up in running line.:mad:

Otherwise, very good jacket in my opinion.



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I think a jacket that is designed to keep all tools and attachments out of site, and out of harms way (no line snagging potential) but remain easily accessible is the way forward:)
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