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SFF Fishing Report Competition Rules

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We are going to try and revive the Fishing Report competition and hopefully if we can establish this competition will will be able to fine someone to sponsor it with a prize.

The rules for the competition will be fairly simple.

1. A report on your fishing trip, including at least 3 pictures and must be posted by the last day of the month of the competition.

2. The report must feature a trip in the month of the competition you are entering.

3. A trip can be as short as an afternoon or as long as a week on the river.

4. Trips can be from anywhere in the world so long as the main quarry is Atlantic salmon.

5. The competition will be seasonal and cover the Spring, Summer and Autumn seasons.

6. Spring = Jan - May / Summer = Jun - Aug / Autumn = Sept - Nov

7. Forum members will vote by poll for the winning report at the end of the competition entry deadline and in the event of a tie-breaker, Admin will have the casting vote.

6. Following submission of entries by the last day of the end of the respective season, voting will last for 2 weeks and the votes will be closed and counted with details of the winner posted.

7. At the end of the Autumn season competition we will then vote for a winner from the three separate season winners for the ultimate 2011 winner. SFF will award a prize for the overall winner.
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