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Anyone know if there getting fish on the gryffe, a chap I spoke to yesterday reckons there taking fish on it, but I’ve still to verify, any reports would be greatly appreciated lads. There is a lot of young lads out there trying hard to get there first salmon....jimmy.
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After the trees section,it opens up to open fields and great looking waters,a new tarmac government cycle and walkway path runs just across from the river,making it easily accessible and big free car park,and for about £10er a day,this is money well spent given rain for sure.Now I’m not sure about the catch return,but this is the sister river of the black cart,so from June on I’d say,fish are going to be there for sure👍…….jimmy. PS Looking over from the bridge yesterday,it was alive with trout rises too,although it’s not stocked for trout,there is a fine head of the wild brownies here too in abundance…….
Thanks for that. Just a few minutes from the door but still to get round to having a look at it.
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