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River Findhorn Fishing

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Information on the river Findhorn Association Water, please support this, lets not nit pick on the detail, the message is clear. Thanks guys!

"Due to the situation with Covid-19 the committee of the FAA felt that we need to take some action to protect our members and the general public from the spread of this virus. It may seem that fishing by yourself has little risk of spreading the virus but we need to adhere to the Government instructions that have been sent out to the rest of the country to STAY AT HOME if we want to reduce its effect.
Therefore the decision has been made to stop all visitors from fishing on the FAA water for the foreseeable future or until the government relaxes the travel restrictions, as well as the fact that the tackle shop is no longer permitted to open for business.
We are also asking ALL members to refrain from fishing on the river during this time. The safest way to prevent the spread of the virus is to avoid any contact with other people and STAY AT HOME. We have also received recommendations from Fisheries Management Scotland, today and The Angling Trust to cease all fishing for the time being.

Concerns have been raised by house owners who live by the river asking why people are still fishing and asking anglers to stay away.
We feel it is a small sacrifice to make in order to protect the general public and of course our members.

We fully understand that our members rely on fishing for their recreation which helps maintain their health, both physical and mental and sincerely hope that the restrictions placed on our everyday lives will have a positive effect against the coronavirus pandemic and that we can all return to our normal activities as soon as possible."
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