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Reisa 20/40 Pound Club - 2014 Newsletter

'Making Dreams come True'

We sent out this newsletter to all of the people who expressed an interest in fishing with the Reisa 20/40 club in 2013.

Although 2013 was a more difficult season than we had expected we did have some bright spots and some good fish were caught. This is Adrian Coats with a 26 lbs salmon from Torfoss caught in late June.

Adrian has been fishing all over the world for salmon, since he was at school, and this fish is still his third largest having caught his biggest on the Reisa in 2012 which weighed 34lbs. This fish gave Adrian the best fight that he has ever had from a salmon.

Soon after it was hooked, in the gliding tail of Torfoss, the fish turned downstream into the fast cold water of Axel and just kept on going. Adrian tried to follow as best he could over the cobbled beach, but the fish had the advantage and could swim faster than Adrian could follow it.

Initially Adrian wasn't too worried. The pool is clear of snags and there were no trees to get in the way. It was only when he looked at his reel that he realised that there was a good chance that he may run out of backing. He quickened his step, the best he could, but the fish was still outpacing him. He eventually did run out of backing, right to the knot with the fish now some 200 yards away. Adrian held on expecting the worst.

Amazingly, the fish hadn't realised that Adrian had a problem, or maybe he did but very sportingly stopped, giving Adrian the chance to get some backing back onto the reel. Eventually the fish tired, didn't try to leave Axel, where it would have been impossible to follow and was duly landed, as you can see from the picture.

Another fisherman who was very happy to have come to fish the Reisa in 2013 was Jean Claude Le Goff from France. He too has fished for many years in Scotland and other venues but wanted the chance to catch a salmon that was bigger than the one he caught at Tillmouth on the Tweed at 28lbs and at Delfur on the Spey at 24lbs.

He succeeded with this 30 lbs monster although it too, like Adrian's fish, very nearly eluded him.

There must be something about these big Reisa salmon as he also had the reel nearly emptied twice. The thing that saved Jean Claude's fish for him was the help that he had from having a boat and the extra assistance that Roger, the boatman, was able to give him when his backing jammed having picked up a loop when he was spooled. The salmon had been some 100 - 150 yards away twice and was making off again when the reel suddenly jammed.

Fortunately Jean Claude and Roger were still in the boat and were able to follow the fish without putting too much strain on the tackle or hook hold. Between them they freed the backing line on the reel and then re-connected with the salmon. The story ended happily with Jean Claude landing the biggest salmon he has ever caught, so far, and it weighing the magical 30 lbs.

We are now looking forward to the 2014 season with the Reisa 20/40 Pound Club and it promises to be our best yet with more fishermen than ever arranged to fish with us.

The club has also had the chance to learn from our experiences from 2013 and have decided to make some changes to the program to try to give people an even better chance of catching their lifetimes best salmon.

We will still have access to the rotating closed zones as before, but we want to introduce the use of a boat, shared between two fishermen with a guide, for part of the time. This provides much greater coverage of the whole river. Stein Arne has gone to great lengths to develop co-operative arrangements with his fellow land-owners and has access to most of the river, closed or not. We found that in a difficult year, like last year, it paid dividends to be able to go to the parts of the river where the fish had congregated, at any time. Many of these places, although in open zones, are hard to reach without a boat. This means that those people that can reach them are usually the only ones there. Even where this is not the case there are enough of these inaccessible pools that the next is likely to be free of other rods.

We think that splitting the week into three days of 'Closed Zone' fishing and three days of boat fishing will provide for a better experience and an improvement on what we had last year. I have had one person tell me that he would rather stay on the 'Closed Zones' and we can accommodate that if it is arranged in advance. We don't want to be too prescriptive, but we do want to give everyone their best and fairest chance to make the best use of the water available during any particular fishing week.

We are going to have accommodation and fishing for up to six rods per week in 2014.

We are also going to have catering with a chef as an option for those people who would rather have a good standard of cooking and who don't mind paying a bit extra for this. We will provide full details of this to the people who want them.

Another group who came to fish with us last year were worried about 'self' part of catering and thought they couldn't manage without a chef. I pointed out to them that the supermarkets had a big range of both fresh and frozen ready meals and the house had the facilities to deal with either.

In the event they were very pleased to have followed this suggestion and dined well for a reasonable budget for the week. So the choice is pretty open, from a fully catered arrangement, through self cooking from scratch or using pre-prepared meals. The dishwasher takes care of most of the washing up.

We have decided to stick with the Wednesday - Wednesday fishing week. It worked well for the people who did come and fish with us last year and added to the variety of the fishing, with the 'Closed Zones' rotating on a Sunday.

We are holding our prices in 2014 and they will be the same as those for 2013 with week's 1-3 being £3,500, 4-6, being £3,000 and 7-9 being £2,500.

The full details of what is included listed on our website.

Some of the weeks are nearly full, so if you want to come and fish the Reisa in 2014, please get in touch with Stein Arne Ranes,

by email on [email protected]
or by telephone on +47(0)452-80-100
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