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Who tied your favourite 3 Monkeys…?..

POLL : TOTM March 2023 - Brrrrr...... Its "BRASS MONKEYS" out there!

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Welcome to Tie of the Month

March 2023


The format of the 2023 Tie of the Month competition will remain the same as it was in 2022 with no changes. As ever prizes are not guaranteed but with or without them this is a very friendly competition that is open to everyone regardless of your ability and a specific newcomer's section for which a prize is available to reflect that. So please do join in by submitting your flies and engaging in the banter because your tying will improve and so will your general feeling of happiness!

CHANGE TO RULE 5: you may re-photograph an entered fly but the fly may no longer be changed after submission.

To encourage a bit of exploration and challenge, the tying competition will have a different theme each month. Every day is a School day so try something new or unfamiliar, as well as the things you know you are good at. It is worth noting that often it is not the neatest, most skillful or most complex tying that wins but the fly that the voters feel is most likely to catch a fish or is simply the most inventive or witty (see the winning entry from mc andy in the April 2020 competition

). There is also no pressure to enter every month but do note that points are awarded just for entering each month. Just enjoy the challenge and improvement in skill that will result from producing patterns that you may not otherwise have considered tying!

Please also note that the flies you tie are used as a reference by many people and so your posts are creating a great reference section for everyone. I therefore ask and encourage everyone entering to include a list of the materials used with each photo.

Clearly photography plays a part in this competition and many (possibly most) photo's are taken very successfully using a phone camera. A few tips to help though:

  • As much as possible try and take the photo in natural daylight
  • On many smart phones tapping the screen to select the point of focus can result in the camera focussing on the vice or another large solid object near the fly. If that happens, try taking the photo at a greater distance from the fly without selecting the point of focus and then crop it (also note rule 7 below)
  • Be careful of the background for both clutter and background colour can make it harder to see, or with a good choice, highlight the fly.
TOTM - March 2023 - Brrrrr, its "BRASS MONKEYS" out there!

In comparison to recent years, the winter of 22/23 has thrown up some proper cold weather. That theme is set to continue into next week with some finger numbingly cold days. Most of which barely go above freezing, with some days staying below …… Proper ‘Brass Monkeys’ weather ❄🥶! At this time of year, I always keep an eye on conditions near some of the more famous spring fisheries and I couldn’t help but notice that they are predicting snow on Deeside for the early parts of next week and for those of you brave enough to venture out with rod in hand in search of the elusive springer, I salute you! I imagine frozen rings, numb fingers and toes and plenty of wee drams to warm the old cockles……..! Fishing will doubtless be done with sinking lines and big, heavy flies. Serious fishing for serious fish, by serious anglers!!

This month I want you top tie a Monkey, on a tube! There are countless derivatives of this very popular spring pattern, most notably the original 'Dee Monkey' ( Black, Yellow and Silver ), which is the fly that came to mind first whilst watching next week’s weather on Deeside. After last months restrictive theme, you are permitted to use any colours you want! As long as it’s a Monkey and its on a tube then you are in business.

I honestly cannot wait for this months entries!!

Specific guidance –
  • Your fly must be tied on a Tube
  • The tube can be metal, plastic, tungsten or other
  • No hooks will be accepted ( except for the ones that may stick out of the back of your tubes )
  • Cones and beads are acceptable!
Good luck all 👍

Below are a collection of 31, yes, 31 fantastic entries to the Brass Monkeys theme for TOTM. Thus confirming in no uncertain terms that this forum has gone totally BANANAS!!!”🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌

March entries:

Ryan Houston
Insect Eye Arthropod Terrestrial plant Pollinator

Plant Flower Wood Arthropod Road surface

Artificial fly Arthropod Insect Bait Wing

Insect Arthropod Pollinator Body jewelry Feather

Tony Mac
Fishing lure Office supplies Feather Bait Fish hook

Artificial fly Tail Arthropod Wing Fish hook

Arthropod Plant Feather Wing Terrestrial plant

silverfish Insect Fashion accessory Feather Art

Body jewelry Liquid Feather Writing implement Office supplies

Hood Fin Fish Terrestrial plant Tail

Hair Head Eye Eyebrow Eyelash

Finger Terrestrial plant Fish Tail Thumb

Artificial fly Light Bait Fishing bait Fish hook

Water Window Liquid Twig Freezing

Fin Fish Tail Wing Invertebrate

Sky Terrestrial plant Cloud Feather Natural material

Insect Arthropod Twig Fashion accessory Writing implement

Insect Natural material Writing implement Artificial fly Terrestrial plant

Artificial fly Insect Fishing lure Bait Fishing bait

Butterfly Eye Insect Arthropod Pollinator

Eye Liquid Feather Writing implement Tints and shades

Dress Twig Wood Toy Flash photography

Logan Houston
Insect Arthropod Plant Organism Flower

Automotive design Gas Electronic device Wire Art

Insect Wood Natural material Jewellery Arthropod

Insect Arthropod Pollinator Plant Wood

Insect silverfish Arthropod Writing implement Invertebrate

Automotive lighting Fashion accessory Gun accessory Machine Metal

Insect Arthropod Jewellery Terrestrial plant Parasite

Grassy Knollington
Artificial fly Natural material Fishing bait Bait Terrestrial plant


  1. The first rule of TOTM is that everyone is welcome to enter as many or as few months as they choose.
  2. The aim is for monthly themes to run from January to November with December reserved for voting on the Fly of the Year.
  3. To encourage a bit of exploration and challenge, the tying competition will have a different theme each month. Every day is a School day so try something new or unfamiliar, as well as the things you know you are good at.
  4. Voting is open to all forum members
    • At the end of each month there will be a poll to vote for the winning entries.
    • The poll will run for the majority of the following month
    • Voters names will be visible against each fly
  5. Flies must be original and tied by the entrant i.e.
    • The fly entered must not have appeared elsewhere on any forum (including this one), social media or other software until after entered. You can however tie a copy of one posted elsewhere.
    • It is the entrants responsibility to ensure that their entry complies with the rules and any uncertainty can be queried with a TOTM administrator prior to the entry being posted
    • Once a fly has been entered it cannot be changed unless there are VERY exceptional circumstances agreed with the TOTM administrator in advance of the change.
  6. Photographs - once entered the photo must not be changed
    • Each fly is judged on the photo posted and once entered, a photo may not be changed or updated.
    • Only enter one photo. Entries with more than one photo will be disqualified.
    • Unless a requirement of the specific months theme, the photo must not contain any other full or partly dressed fly.
    • If a fly is dressed in two parts (e.g.with an interchangeable body), the two dressed parts must be photographed as they would be fished i.e. joined together as the complete fly.
  7. The administrators of TOTM reserve the right to make judgement on the acceptability of any entry or breach of the general rules without consultation.
    • A fly may be disqualified from each months results up until the poll closes for that months theme
    • A fly may be disqualified from Fly of the Year up until the FOTY poll is posted. i.e. once that poll is posted it stands. The only exception to that will be if the organiser has inadvertently posted the wrong fly!
  8. Points
    • will be awarded each month as follows. In the event of a tie, all tied participants will get the full points available for the placing.
      • 1st place: 10 points + 4 points for entry
      • 2nd place: 7 points + 4 points for entry
      • 3rd place: 5 points + 4 points for entry
      • 4th place: 3 points + 4 points for entry
      • 5th place: 2 points + 4 points for entry
      • 6th place: 1 point + 4 points for entry
      • 7th place and lower. 4 points for entry
    • In December, the winning flies from each month will be entered into a poll for Fly of the Year. No additional points are awarded for this poll
    • At the end of the year, points awarded will be totalled for that years final placings
  9. Prizes
    • These are donated voluntarily and are not guaranteed.
    • They may be donated, amended or withdrawn at any time on the instruction of the person making the donation without explanation or prior warning
    • Cash prizes will not be accepted
    • No one associated with this forum or the administration of TOTM accepts any responsibility for the nature, value or delivery of any prizes that are offered other than to indicate their availability.
  10. General forum rules must be respected.
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Dee Sheep Monkey:
Tube brass slimline 22mm
Tag fluro yellow junction tubing
Rib embossed silver
Body pearl Mylar over blue globrite
Wing yellow squirrel, yellow fox guard hairs, black fox, black goat, pinch of soft black fox at head
Beard blue hackle

Water Window Liquid Freezing Twig
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