I am getting on in years now and can no longer risk wading in big rivers because of pelvic problems, so, with great regret but also with many fond memories, I have decided on selling off my salmon gear. This beautiful reel and its spare spool are in excellent, almost mint condition, with the tiniest of blemishes at one point on the reel cage. The reel has a sealed drag and both spools are loaded with superb lines in almost new condition. As far as I remember, one is a Carron Jetstream Floater #10/11 and the other is a well-known sink-tip, the precise identity of which I forget since they have not been used since around 2018 because of my injuries. Before that, both were very lightly used.

Although given in good faith, these line details are not, however, warranted but of course you are free to inspect them before purchase.

I live in Edinburgh but could meet up somewhere in central Scotland, otherwise p + p will be £15 in the UK.

Please feel free to phone me on 07951-742445 during daytime hours.