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Orange and Copper Shrimp

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Nothing new and I know I've posted it before but anyway!

I first tied this fly in the late 1990's or very early 2000's. I tied it as an Irish version of the Kylie shrimp that was very popular in Trout & Salmon and other fishing magazines at the time.

I was looking through some of my old fishing diaries that I used to keep and this one did really well for me in the 2001 and 2002 seasons. I remember it being part of a deadly combination with this on the point and a Purple Winged Editor on the dropper.

This was also the first fly that caught me a salmon in dirty water. And I mean worm only dirty water.

I went to the tail of a pool one morning in a flood with the bait rod and fly rods with me hoping the river would clear. I fished with worm as the river was the colour of milky tea. After a couple of hours I gave up and was gathering up to head home and I wondered if it was possible to fish fly from the bank at this place. I gave a couple of ropey roll casts and the fly was just about reaching the middle of the river and no more when the line tightened and I had a fish on. I was completely shocked.

This pattern has done me well over the years since.

The only difference between this one and the ones I tied back then is that I've used oval copper for the rear body and not flat copper ribbed with silver as I would have back then.

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This is tied on a size 6 Mustad 80525BL


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