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Where did I say trees would not be beneficial in the upper catchment? I think you need to re read my post. Of course they would, or as long as they are the right trees, in the right areas, certainly not Sitka plantations. However planting peat moorland can cause more harm than good, especially regarding carbon sequestration.
The big difference between Atlantic and Pacific salmon dying, is that the Atlantic salmon that die, tend to do so many miles downstream of their spawning grounds up in the headwaters. Therefore, their carcasses would not provide any beneficial nitrification to trees planted there.
It was the fanciful notion, that the film implies, that the relationship between Pacific salmon and their Alaskan environment could be applied here for Atlantic salmon, if the upper reaches were turned into forest, that I disagree with.
I still maintain the main agenda was based on re wilding. The presentation I attended had stalls set up, promoting the concept, selling books and giving out literature on every aspect of re wilding, beavers, lynx etc.
You must have went to the same one as me, was it you that made the point to the biologist about salmon dying in the upper reaches?
1 - 2 of 114 Posts