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mozy repellent

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For all the members lucky enough to be going out to the Kola this yr i thought i would share info on what i beleive to be the best moxy repellent i have came across. It is called "Peacefull Sleep" and comes as a roll on solid stick and also a spray. I have been on the various rivers on the Kola and know that some are worse than others, however if you land on any of these rivers at the height of their mozy FEASTING time it can almost ruin your trip. I always in the past used expedition 100 which is fine generally, however i fished last yr at peak moxy time and was in a hell of a state even with the expo 100 applied. Thankfully we had a south african based Brit in the party who gave me a stick of this stuff which was an absolute god send!. It is not easy to get hold of but it can be purchased on the web via google search and is manufactured in South Africa by Robertson healthcare .... hope this helps anyone who suffers a bad reaction, Andy B.
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If I smell someone in the Helsinki Hilton who smells like a hoor's handbag, I'll know it's you, Andy ;-)

Hope you like the smell Phillip as i will be stood next to you as you buy the drink !!!:rolleyes:
Do they do mortgages for beer in Helsinki ? Last time I was there it was almost ten quid a pint !!!! And to think, in the final analysis, you only really RENT IT !!!!!!!! Oh, by the way, I will have a wedge for you from the lad who fished your rod at Invery, Andy.

Three days casting practice at Islamouth on Tay 24/26 May, then we're off to Varzuga and Yokanga. I can hardly contain myself.....

See you in Finland :)

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