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Hampshire Avon 2023

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Wishing all Avon anglers the best of luck for the coming season.....although it maybe difficult to access the river in some places at the moment!
Think it will be a little while before I cast a line, as I have some ongoing back issues, which are proving troublesome at present.
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I haven't really fished Winkton much, but above and below the top weir on Upper Winkton and the Weir area where you enter the fishery would be worth concentrating on.
Have seen grilse above the lower Weir in the past.
Have seen some very nice fish above and below top Weir, but this was later in the season.
As with any Avon fishery, it's hard work! The more time on the bank, the better your chances.
Best of luck to all Avon fishers....
Hope someone connects with one tomorrow.... best of luck to those venturing out!
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Fished the Royalty main river for a few hours yesterday.....nothing seen, but good to be out. Water looked great....let's hope someone gets a February fish!
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Looks a classic springer..... well done that man!
Fishing at Somerley is 7 days a week within the hours permitted.....think 7am until sunset.
There are a few restrictions on fishing certain areas in the morning, but otherwise you can fish the whole Estate.
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Fished the middle river looked in great condition, but nothing to report.
Ended up using a SA Express Sink to try and get down.....river was pushing through.
Will try again tomorrow on the lower river.
Another for Somerley caught by the same angler....some achievement in February!
Nothing seen on the lower river this morning.
Another fish seen on the middle river today.
Fished lower Bisterne today..... nothing to report I'm afraid, but water looked good.
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Unlucky Martin.....we didn't see anything on top beat today.
Report of a 20lb+ fish lost at Bisterne this morning..... although lost, it's good to see a few February fish about.
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Heard a report that a fish of around 18lb was taken at Winkton yesterday.
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Fished the Royalty today, but nothing to report. Some good tides this week, so hopefully they may bring a few into the system.
Looking for advice please:
Live just 30 mins from the lower Avon and fancy a go for an Avon Salmon. Have fished Argentina and Scotland so can use a dbl hander. For this year I guess options are Royalty day tickets (is it still Davis tackle link shows 2019 prices ) or Christchurch AA? Any others? Future,try and join a syndicate, Somerley? Again any others? Thanks in advance!
Hi T44
I believe Davis Tackle still do tickets for the Lower water on the Royalty. The Upper water (above footbridge) is syndicated.
Christchurch Angling Club have fishing at Winkton and a few other fisheries on the Avon I believe, but I am not a member, so would be worth checking their website.
Bisterne and Westover Farm are syndicated and I imagine have waiting lists. I fish at Bisterne and there is a full compliment of rods this season I believe.
Somerley has a fairly long waiting list I believe, so I would get your name down sooner rather than later.
North End is syndicated and not sure of their numbers or waiting list.
Not sure about anything further up river.......Ringwood Angling Club may have some fishing....
Hope this helps.....
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Hard going in the wind today. Nothing to report apart from the river slightly rising during the day. River a little coloured, but very fishable.
Rain due to tonight, so might be a different story tomorrow.....
Fished the Royalty today with the devon minnow and my old Sharpe's Scottie spinning rod. No sightings to report, but the river looked good, carrying a bit of colour with a strong flow.
Took a few pics....

Water Sky Plant Plant community Cloud
Water Cloud Plant Sky Tree

Water Sky Plant Plant community Ecoregion
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Spinning concession is relayed to riparian owners each year.
Above 1.18 on East Mills Flume gauge.
I don't believe it is a rolling agreement.....think it is reviewed on an annual basis by the EA.
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CPM - gutted for you on both the fish loss and probably more so on your Devon loss!!
Unlucky Colin
Lost a fish on the Royalty yesterday, on a devon. I failed to notice a tiny crack in the top eye liner and as the fish took off upstream it shredded the braid. All I could do was watch the loose end disappear after it. Doubly upsetting as it was the pink and black devon I caught my first salmon on over forty years ago. Lesson learned !!!
Unlucky Colin..... I'm sure it won't be long before one sticks.
Fished hard at the Royalty and minnow, but no sightings to report.
Well done Colin..... cracking fish in testing conditions.
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