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Hampshire Avon 2023

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Wishing all Avon anglers the best of luck for the coming season.....although it maybe difficult to access the river in some places at the moment!
Think it will be a little while before I cast a line, as I have some ongoing back issues, which are proving troublesome at present.
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Good luck and tight lines to all for the season ahead! 馃帲馃悑
I鈥檓 looking at getting a CAC ticket and fishing the Winkton stretch. Does anyone fish it regularly ?
any recommendations on required fly set up??
Sad news about the gents you mention passing away. Isisalar seemed a very helpful gent looking back through old posts on here.

is that winkton stretch fishable down both banks?
Hi Alex

Thanks for your reply, very helpful and congrats on your first season. Hooking 5 is no mean feat going by what鈥檚 said on here and other sites. 馃憤
I鈥檝e no problem going exploring and working it all out for myself. Hopefully see you on the bank this season. 馃帲
Alex C / Hantsavon, thanks very much for your input.
I鈥檒l look forward to getting out and having a go.
tight lines
Well done that man, lovely fish. 馃憦 I was going to ask if knapp mill acted as a temp/flow barrier but clearly not.
I had a go on upper Winkton this morning to no avail. I did land a nice brown that would have done well on a 3wt.
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CPM - gutted for you on both the fish loss and probably more so on your Devon loss!!
Can anyone tell me where the EA post their concession to allow spinning in high water?
is this concession only applied on certain beats?
I fished UW yesterday afternoon/evening. Had a good pull on the fly but nothing stuck and two pike fell to the spinner.
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