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Hampshire Avon 2023

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Wishing all Avon anglers the best of luck for the coming season.....although it maybe difficult to access the river in some places at the moment!
Think it will be a little while before I cast a line, as I have some ongoing back issues, which are proving troublesome at present.
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Happy New Season to Avon anglers all... Look forward to hearing and sharing news, particularly of triumphs from up and down the river, but all fishing reports from the river always welcome!
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As ever the temperature details on the EA site are difficult to find / read, currently dates are missing when you view online, but here is todays temp
13-Feb-23 07:00 8.41
13-Feb-23 07:15 8.4
13-Feb-23 07:30 8.4
13-Feb-23 07:45 8.39
13-Feb-23 08:00 8.38
Those are two lovely fish!
Thanks for the pointer to Avon Diary to see them.
I also read the site's reference to gill nets in the bay - are those commercial bass fishing nets?
It seems crazy to have a drift net fishery so close to a threatened salmon river!
How right you are, here is the quote you refer to, could this be why so many of the Salmon caught show signs of damage?
One of the other great unknowns that you can't help but to notice out there are the number of gill nets strung out for miles across the entire bay. We weren't out far, certainly less than ten miles, and it was almost impossible to drift due to the number of nets. An invisible curtain stretching for miles. Do the salmon run at the height these nets are set? Do gill-netters catch salmon on a regular basis? Certainly the rod fishing for sea species has declined dramatically over recent decades. Bearing in mind, where possible, many pleasure anglers now return most of their catch voluntarily and there are laws that ensure species under threat from over exploitation, such as bass, do not suffer at the hands of pleasure anglers.
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here is a bad one from a couple of years ago, very nasty
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Anybody been on the bank this week? Anything seen? I'm heading down tomorrow
Many thanks Sean and Martin, it was good looking and quiet below you on AT as well
Great to hear there are fish coming through, and better luck next time Martin
See an absolute beauty at Somerley today, (avon diary) any thoughts on the scale loss? Well done the chilly angler!
Anyone had their rod snapped playing a fish recently?
I read a report from a pike angler who witnessed someone on the far bank hook into a salmon when their rod snapped. He managed to play the fish and unhook it in the water and release. He estimated to be similar in size to the 16lb pike he'd just landed.
it's written up on the
Fished a full day on Sat, very quiet and river pretty low for early March... Water looking good, lets hope a few more will be coming into the system soon.
What's the clarity like at the moment anyone? Hoping to be down on Sat, but fearful its carrying alot of dirt?
River in fine condition, clear and a good height
Many thanks Graham, roughly how far down the river is that ?
Bistern down, not been further up the river but would think it will be the same. I’m on the lower beat at Bistern tomorrow. Let’s hope we get some fresh fish moving up.
Tight lines Graham, i''ll be below you, lets hope somebody has something to report...
Fished the Royalty today, but nothing to report. Some good tides this week, so hopefully they may bring a few into the system.
Thanks Sean, all quiet above you as well, river looking good, nice flow and clarity, we just need to keep fishing!
Hard going in the wind today. Nothing to report apart from the river slightly rising during the day. River a little coloured, but very fishable.
Rain due to tonight, so might be a different story tomorrow.....
Thanks for the report Sean, hopefully we'll see a few more fish coming in as we come towards April....
Fish reported from Somerley today, anyone been near the river and seen how it looks?
Good to see that in spite of testing conditions Somerley have had a couple of fish in the last few days, persistence (and I'm sure a bit of skill!) pays for those that can....
I fished a beautiful if somewhat full Avon on Saturday, expected a pull in all the likely spots, but not this time, just dace rising to huge clouds of a small sedge (I think). The river has been in flood for much of these early weeks, I suspect the catch is as much a reflection of fishing effort as low numbers of fish. Happily I fish with confidence, you have to!
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Well done the skillful angler! Delighted for you, and great to know there are fish running..
No fish or no fishing? Anybody been near the river this week? Looking forward to fishing at the weekend and hoping a few may be nosing up...
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