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Hampshire Avon 2023

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Wishing all Avon anglers the best of luck for the coming season.....although it maybe difficult to access the river in some places at the moment!
Think it will be a little while before I cast a line, as I have some ongoing back issues, which are proving troublesome at present.
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Good luck and tight lines to all for the season ahead! 馃帲馃悑
I鈥檓 looking at getting a CAC ticket and fishing the Winkton stretch. Does anyone fish it regularly ?
any recommendations on required fly set up??
Unfortunately Isisalar of this forum and Steve the keeper at Winkton passed away last year both of whom had some great knowledge of the stretch. I have only fished it twice but its a good sized bit of water. I understand that the majority of fish are caught around the weir, as usual most likely because that is where the majority of anglers fish. The area downstream heading towards the royalty is pretty wide, very open and exposed but there must be some decent lies down there. I'm sure there are some forum members with more knowledge who will share. I fished a heavy 1" tube to try and get a bit of depth, depending on water height.

Tight lines to all!
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Lovely fish that! I'm on the waiting list for somerley, and the EOI form I got at time gives 2018 price but no further info. How does membership work in terms of fishing, do you get a specific day/week? Or is it fairly open access. Couldn't really work it out. Feel free to DM if it's private
I'd be really interested to know the same!
Any recommendations for a day ticket stretch that offers fly and spin in late March or April ?
The Royalty. Spinning is only from 15th May or in high water (subject to the EA derogation)
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