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  • Don't worry about running aground; just make it look like you are holding against the current and the viewers will never know!
  • Unbeknown to the three men in a boat Nessie junior was circling the bow
  • There were three in the boat, and the little one spoke, row over, row over and they all rowed over, and then fell out when one was bumped on the head and gave a shout...row over, row over...

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Is he alright up there?
Paul: Yeah, he thinks he's surfing.
Ghillie: Ok, then... if you're sure.
Paul: 'course I'm sure. Anyway, he's insured.
Ghillie: Really? How much for? That's if you don't mind me asking?
Paul: Don't know offhand. A few million, at least. Why?
Ghillie: Well... thing is, I'm retiring soon. And this is an old boat, so... I thought...
Paul: Murder him?
Ghillie: Oh, no. NO!!! We could just, erm... divvy up between the three of us?
Paul: I like your thinking, but he's a mate of mine. He's like a brother.
Ghillie: Yeah? Oh, right. Yeah, of course he is. Forget I mentioned it.
Paul: Mentioned what?
Ghillie: Cheers, Paul. You're a proper geyser. Real old school.

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Sorry boys I'll have to row me way over to the steps there I've just got to go now,can't hold it in any longer!!! I bet my face is going that bright red color. If you look closely enough there's a man squatting down as I speak at the bottom of the fence , he couldn't make it up the banking! either, What a stinker!
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