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FOXY-TAILS MATERIAL TIES - Monthly Competition

Sue from Foxy-Tails has very generously suggested if we open a new section within the Fly Tying Forum, she would happily sponsor a prize for a monthly competition, the rules of which are fairly simple, so as not to over complicate matters.

As many of you know, the quality of materials Foxy-Tails provides is exceptional, and so, in a quest to promote new and exciting Salmon patterns, Sue is constantly searching the world of fur and pelt to offer the best and most innovative samples, for us to convert into Salmon catching flies.

Nayat is one such recent material, which has featured here on this very forum, and adds to the fantastic characteristics already offered by Arctic Fox, with more translucency and mobility when submerged in water. Being thinner too, good bulk can be added to flies, such as Temple Dogs, without overdressing, and keeping that all important head finish neat and proportionate to the remainder of the fly.

Well, to the Foxy-Tails Monthly Competition, and the all important rules :

1. The tier must adopt at least one material within their submitted fly, purchased from Foxy-Tails. This can easily be done by visiting their web site and ordering on-line, by phoning an order, or by leaving Sue a PM on here. A link to their site is here : There is also a direct e-mail link to Sue as follows : [email protected] .

2. The tier must submit one fly of their design, with up to a maximum of three photographs, sized to 800x600 pix. This can be achieved through a web host such as Photobucket.

3. The fly must be named, and the full tying recipe / description, given, clearly stating the material adopted from the Foxy-Tail source. Only one fly per monthly competition will be permitted to be entered by any one tier.

4. Submissions (by posting up on the relevant thread) will be made by the 14th of the month, and a poll will then open for forum members to vote for their favorite tie, (in a similar fashion to TOTM Competitions). A new thread will open on the 1st / 2nd of the month, and the poll will close on the 28th of the month. This will ensure the monthly competitions will open, take entries and be polled all within the same month, relevant to that tie. Monthly "themes" if adopted, will be posted at the start of each monthly thread, i.e., "The theme this month is Arctic Fox / Tubes / Single Hooked entries …"

5. The winner of each monthly competition, chosen from the most poll results / votes, will receive Foxy-Tails sponsored prize, and independently, Sue will select the fly of her choice (which need not be the winning fly), to "feature" on Foxy-Tails packaging, giving credit to the tier, and the fly's material selection, printed on their promotional package. All entrants will accept by entering these competitions, their flies / patterns may be used in Foxy-Tails promotional packaging / literature, in the future.

That's it, quite simple really, the first of these Monthly Competitions will start with a thread entitled Foxy-Tails Material Ties - November 2009.

Good luck to all who enter, and a big thank you to Foxy-Tails for offering to support this competition.
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