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Poll Now Open - Foxy-Tails Material Ties April 2010 (Full listing page 3)

  • 1. Blue Zulu - Blue Zulu Conehead

    Votes: 3 6.3%
  • 2. Pendejo - Kåddis Templedog

    Votes: 13 27.1%
  • 3. Mr Fishin - Cashmere badger

    Votes: 1 2.1%
  • 4. Ade - Bit of Blue for the Dads

    Votes: 11 22.9%
  • 5. Fishing Sanny - My Greenlander

    Votes: 5 10.4%
  • 6. CB - The Pink Marquis

    Votes: 5 10.4%
  • 7. Altmor - The Spey Goat

    Votes: 10 20.8%
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Please use this thread to enter your flies to the April, Foxy-Tails Material Ties 2010 Competition.

The rules and general information re prizes etc., are as posted in the "sticky" post to this Thread.

The April Competition will require to feature the material "Cashmere Goat", as previously advised, which can be ordered through Foxy-Tails.

For those of you who don't have any Cashmere Goat in their tying armory as yet, you can of course order through the Foxy-Tails web-site, linked here for your convenience :

Hope to see some exciting patterns entered this month, with Cashmere Goat being used in some innovative and deadly patterns. It really is a wonderful material to tie with :).

As a reminder, a poll will open on 14th April for voting at which time the competition will close to new entries.


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Blue Zulu Conehead

I have just received my fantastic prize from Sue for last months competition and thought I would put it to good use.

Tubing Black Large and Red Small Eumer Plastic

Tail GP Topping Dyed Red

Tag Medium Oval Silver

Butt Scarlet Glo-Brite #4 Fluoro Floss

Body Black Floss, Black Cock Saddle Hackle Palmered

Rib Medium Oval Silver

Wing Blue Arctic Fox, Black Cashmere Goat and Blue Flashabou

Front Hackle Blue Strung Saddle Hackle with Jungle Cock Cheeks

Head Red Medium Eumer


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Very nice Neil, a great fly adapted for Salmo. The Cashmere works well here supported by the fox wings and palmered hackle. :)

This is the standard to aim for guys, another 9 days or so till entries close (14th April), so keep them coming :).


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Kåddis Templedog

Here is a templedog fly I've had some success with last season. Basically a variation of Frödin's 'Phatagorva' pattern and named after my favorite stretch on my home river. Pattern incorporates both arctic fox and cashmere goat from Foxy Tails.


Tube: Medium orange and extra-small black
Rear Body: Copper flat braid
Front Body: Rusty brown ice dub
Body Hackle: Orange badger
Rib: Gold flat braid (Twisted)
Wing: Fiery brown arctic fox (Tied in 3 layers)
Wing Flash: Rainbow flashabou and rusty olive angel hair (Tied in between the arctic fox layers)
Overwing: Brown cashmere goat
Front Hackle: Black cock hackle
Cheeks: Jungle cock
Head: Black cone head

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Four days to go till new entries close this month, and with the good yet limited number of entries so far, this could be the month to scoop a Foxy goodie bag.

Get tying folks, looking to see some more Cashmere creations :).


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Cashmere badger

Hook : Kamasan B280 #8
Thread : Uni 8/0 Black
Tail : GP Crest
Tag : Silver wire
Butt : Black ostritch herl
Rib : Silver wire
Body : Gold floss
Palmer : Silver badger
Wing : Yellow/Orange and Black Cashmere goat
Hackle : Natural red badger
Cheeks : Jungle cock

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Bit of Blue for the Dads

Here's my effort. I've never used blue in a fly before!

I know this is about entering a comp but any feedback on this attempt would be welcome, proportions, etc.

Best of luck for your Foxy Tails bundle all, and nice flies so far!

Shank: Veniards 1.25" Waddington

Tag: Small Oval Silver Tinsel
Tail: Black Boar Bristle (Foxy Tails)
Rear Body: Royal Blue Floss
Front Body: Holographic Flat Silver Tinsel
Rib: Small Oval Silver Tinsel
Throat: Squirrel Tail dyed blue
Hackle: Black Cock
First Wing: Black Bucktail (sparse)
Second Wing: Black Arctic Fox (Foxy Tails) with Silver Krinkle Flash
Third Wing: Black Arctic Fox (Foxy Tails) with longer Silver Krinkle Flash
Fourth Wing: Black Cashmere Goat (Foxy Tails)
Eyes: Jungle Cock
Head: Black thread, 2 coats Sally Hansen Clear with Nylon, 1 coat Sally Hansen Diamond Strength.

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Not many entries but all killer flies for sure! Hopefully we'll see some more nice last minute entries :)

Altmor, I must admit I kind of forgot about this but am charging my camera battery as we speak, on my way to a meeting but will take some pictures after lunch, hopefully in time before the cut off ;)

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My Greenlander

All nice flies lads and everyone i'm sure would catch fish.
Keep up the excellent work and good luck to you all
Here's my entry for this month, I hope you like it.

The dressing
Tube : 25mm 2/3 aluminium slipstream tube with front 1/3 copper
Liner : 1.5mm portex tubing
Ext tube: clear silicone tubing
Tail :layered yellow, sunburst and red Antron wool
Tag : oval gold tinsel
Butt : hot orange floss
Rib : Small oval gold
Body :Back half- Gold Tinsel. Front half - dubbed highlander green marble fox fur Palmered
Hackle: Chartreuse Cock Hackle, wound down to end of dubbed body only
1st wing : Yellow shadow Fox
2nd wing : Sunburst marbleFox with 2 strands of yellow crystal flash over
3rd wing : Hot Orange marble fox with most of the guard hairs taken out with 4 strands of Orange crystal flash over then a few strand of hot orange cashmere goat on top.
4th wing : Highlander green marble fox
5th wing :Highlander green cashmere goat
Cheeks : AA Jungle Cock
Front Hackles : chartreuse and hot orange hen hackles and dyed highlander green guinea fowl in that order 1 turn each with each getting slightly longer as you progress to the front of the head
Head : Black thread varnished 4 times

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The Pink Marquis

Here we go.
I had planned on tying something else but just didn't find the time. I received a batch of Cashmere goat along with a few other goodies a while ago from Sue and this is one of the flies where I used the goat in the wing mixed in with the fox. The fly has two small strips of silver flash in the wing, the rest you see in the picture is sunlight reflecting in the goat hairs. I tied a few tubes using nothing but flash and several thin layers of the goat hair, looks brilliant in the water.

Anyway, here's my entry. Not sure if it even deserves a name but for the sake of the contest I'm calling the picture 'The Pink Marquis' :rolleyes:

hook: Partridge bartleet double CS10/4 size 6
but: medium gold tinsel
body: silver tinsel
rib: medium gold tinsel
wing: pink marble fox (from Sue) underwing with two layers of black silver fox (from Sue) with black cashmere goat (again from Sue) and two thin strands of silver flash mixed in between, reaching a bit longer then the fox hairs.
hackle: natural guinea foul
eyes: jungle cock
head: black thread

Hope some of you like it, looking forward to see the last minute entries tonight :)

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Rib-eye and Fleurie again ??

:D:D ... Sorry Ade Barra was right on this occasion - sausage rolls and beans with a topping of last night's macaroni and cheese by the side :D.

I've too much to do tonight to get jiggy in the kitchen - pair of waders needs a patching and this comp needs a polling - then I've got that bottle of Fleurie to work on :D.

Won't be long guys, if there's any stragglers to come in the next half hour ?

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