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We now have a supply of forum badges available for members to purchase. There is a link included below that allows members to use Paypal, credit cards or bank accounts to pay for badges.

The cost of badges is £4 per badge with a £1 P&P charge for UK residents, and a £1.50 P&P charge for members from other countries.

Any members that wish to buy a badge but do not have access to any of the above methods of payment can contact me via pm to arrange payment and postage.
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There is now an "SFF Shop" tab at the top of the forum that will also direct users to the correct area to purchase forum badges.
I ordered one and stuck a link up on my facebook.
I ordered one and stuck a link up on my facebook.
Thanks for your support BB - I sent your badge out today:)
Hi Fruin,

I have just ordered & paid for my Badge.

Now the proud owner of two badges, arrived this morning very nice as well one for my fly waistcoat and one for my wading jacket.:D:D:D
Received my badges this morning, very nice, cheers.

Received my badge this morning.........very pleased, many thanks.
Mine arrived today. Thank you!
Thank you.
There are still plenty of badges left for anybody that wants them.
Hi Fruin,

I received my Badge today & will be on my Jacket at the fishing tomorrow.

Many thanks,

Arrived home tonight, badge arrived - only ordered a couple of days ago, good service Fruin !:D
received mine today ,many thanks
My 2 badges arrived in this mornings post excellent service very impressed with the badges and the service
Mine was ordered on Wednesday night, arrived Friday morning,that's service for you .
I have been away for the weekend and not been on since Thursday hence the belated thanks.
Thanks Gary.
plugging the forum

couldn't resist having a shameless plug of the forum and the new badges at the weekend :D

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Can't beat a bit of shameless advertising Easky ;)
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