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First Minister Race Heats Up

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Honestly, if this wasn't so serious for we Scots we would all think it was a huge joke.
The calibre of candidates to run our erstwhile proud country is so poor, no wonder Sturgeon held office for 8 years.
Prime candidates are;
Humza Youseff; What can you say about him? Dull as dishwater, failed claim against a nursery fhe accused of racism after he and his wife threw the rattle out of the pram when their wean was refused a place.
Recently, as Health Minister, presided over the longest waiting lists in history with Doctors issuing safety warnings all over the place. Sturgeon must have been fed up batting away calls for his resignation for incompetence. The biggest laugh though is, as Transport Minister, being fined and 6 points awarded for speeding and driving without insurance in Dingwall. How did he get away without his head rolling on that one?
He says he would unite the country?? Errrrr, I don't think so?

Kate Forbes; Well, her situation is fundamentally (I use that word advisedly) flawed in that she is a devout member of the Wee Free Kirk which stymies her flexibility to be objective somewhat. Or to embrace easily shift in cultures beyond their own interpretation of the bible. Mixing Church and State is a definite no no and her views on the gender debate renders her unelectable.

Ash Regan; Principled, but again a Pariah in the eyes of the left woke brigade after she resigned on the gender reform platform. Hence unelectable.

Angus Robertson; In my view, a dark horse outsider who has ruled himself out might just yet be persuaded I think? A safe pair of hands compared to the contenders above certainly. If he doesn't stand, then, we are in for a situation where the only viable candidate is Youseff? F.F.S?
Mind you, if Mhairi Black throws her hat in the ring it really will be a circus parade. W.T.F?

Whatever, I have previously said I have watched the Office of 1st Minister be gradually and relentlessly eroded since Donald Dewar held it. It is about to plumb new depths with the absolute paucity of talent in that line up.
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Completely off topic but it's exactly the same here in Wales, loonies running the asylum. The devolution vote scraped through by the narrowest of margins (less than Brexit) and I'm sure, if we had the opportunity, would be overturned in another referendum.
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