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First Minister Race Heats Up

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Honestly, if this wasn't so serious for we Scots we would all think it was a huge joke.
The calibre of candidates to run our erstwhile proud country is so poor, no wonder Sturgeon held office for 8 years.
Prime candidates are;
Humza Youseff; What can you say about him? Dull as dishwater, failed claim against a nursery fhe accused of racism after he and his wife threw the rattle out of the pram when their wean was refused a place.
Recently, as Health Minister, presided over the longest waiting lists in history with Doctors issuing safety warnings all over the place. Sturgeon must have been fed up batting away calls for his resignation for incompetence. The biggest laugh though is, as Transport Minister, being fined and 6 points awarded for speeding and driving without insurance in Dingwall. How did he get away without his head rolling on that one?
He says he would unite the country?? Errrrr, I don't think so?

Kate Forbes; Well, her situation is fundamentally (I use that word advisedly) flawed in that she is a devout member of the Wee Free Kirk which stymies her flexibility to be objective somewhat. Or to embrace easily shift in cultures beyond their own interpretation of the bible. Mixing Church and State is a definite no no and her views on the gender debate renders her unelectable.

Ash Regan; Principled, but again a Pariah in the eyes of the left woke brigade after she resigned on the gender reform platform. Hence unelectable.

Angus Robertson; In my view, a dark horse outsider who has ruled himself out might just yet be persuaded I think? A safe pair of hands compared to the contenders above certainly. If he doesn't stand, then, we are in for a situation where the only viable candidate is Youseff? F.F.S?
Mind you, if Mhairi Black throws her hat in the ring it really will be a circus parade. W.T.F?

Whatever, I have previously said I have watched the Office of 1st Minister be gradually and relentlessly eroded since Donald Dewar held it. It is about to plumb new depths with the absolute paucity of talent in that line up.
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Afraid the unwashed majority don't get a vote Nick.
Only card carrying paid up members of the party.
Ash Regan for me.
Dont dissagree on quality, but please not Humza Yuseless and never a wee free extremist.
Who ever it is, i hope thats the end of the ridiculous green alliance.
Never has so much power been weilded by so few unellected and incompetent nuttas.
Far and away the best of an extremely bad lot Alan.
The standard is so low it's almost incomprehensible, certainly to them.:D
I would be gobsmacked if she got it though after her stance on gender reform?
Yuseless seems to me unassailable given the leanings within the party.
I almost wish that Sturgeon would reconsider the standard is so bad.:(:(
Did I just say that?????:eek::eek:

P.S. Edit for Mows and Westie.
Don't worry lads, I have just taken temporary leave of my senses.
I've made an appointment with my therapist, you know, the one out of Afterlife?
He'll sort me out, soon be back on the straight and narrow.:D
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These mayoral elections are such a problem with no decent candidates. We have the same issue in London.
Aye, you've had a steady procession of warmers down there, right enough.:eek:
Well if either the Wee Free or the Welsh bird, Ash Dai Bach, win the Greens have said they will walk away.
Well worthwhile then for either of them to win and get rid of that hopeless, empty headed Canadian lunatic and the wee tweed bedecked incompetent dandy then?
Also, it would force an election with Labour particularly smelling blood?
I'm away to top my glass up.
This is the best fun I've had for years.:D
If I can allow myself to forget the serious consequences that is?
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Well, no surprise this morning?
Kate Forbes is ostensibly out of the running following her remarks on radio about her religious beliefs and her open admission that she would not have voted for same sex marriage. That resulted in a melt down among her key supporters with gasps of shock and horror at the very thought even though they were aware of her views.
You have to admire her for being honest, but, honesty and politics are never good bed fellows (pardon me :D)
So, after a spectacular volley to both feet, her election wagon, barely starting to roll, now has a very dodgy single wheel to run on.:cool:

Ash Regan, in the absence of Angus Robertson who would have walked the contest, is by far the best contender but, her views on gender reform leaves her, like Fun Girl Forbes, sleeping in the traps.
So, the door has now been wedged open for Yousless to stroll into the hot seat.:eek::eek:
God forbid!!!!!!!!
Can someone not persuade Father Jack Stevenson to come out of retirement and enter from the blind side???
Anyway, my glass is now topped up once more in expectation of much more fun unfolding in the next round of Scotland's very own Sh*t Show.:)
Anyone hear anything new about the Murrel's scrape with the polis????:D
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Keirstream for first minister (y) ;)
And Shug for Deputy.:D:D
Vertebrate Toy Cartoon Mammal Gesture
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I’d vote for you.
hell I’d even rather vote for those 2 muppets than any of the other muppets putting themselves forward
It gives me great solace and comfort to know that my political abilities are considered to be on the same level as Statler and Waldorf.:D:D
Whilst I fully acknowledge all that G.K. and Oz has to say on the matter, Forbes is far too inexperienced to have a hand on the tiller of a country desperate for stability and sound policy making. Far better for her to learn some real grounding over the next 10 years before standing again. She's out for me.
I have already alluded to Ash Reagan pretty much ruling herself out with her views on gender reform. Her support for the oil and gas industry will receive mixed reaction and could be a loser.A downside as far as I am concerned is her support for the notion that winning 50% of the Vote, not the Electorate would be an instruction for independence is just plain delusional but may be a redeeming factor amongst the rank and file.I hae my doots though?:unsure::unsure:
All of this leaves Mr. Charisma himself with a clear run in over the last furlong. Only a spectacular foot in mouth episode will deprive him of his chauffeur driven car and have him worrying about the 6 points on his Dingwall endorsed license.:eek::eek:
The political talent vacuum now existing in Scottish politics is frightening, particularly so for a country with any aspiration whatsoever of going it alone in the big, bad, world?
To be continued-----------------------------------------------------------------------
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I agree with you. IMHO there‘s no way that someone should be going into politics at age 26 and then become finance minister at 32. She should get out of politics & get a proper job before coming back in a few years with a wee bit of life experience and some concrete proposals, instead of the communications-coached 3 things that are just nonsense.

More significantly, I fundamentally (😂) fail to understand somebody who returns to Dongwall at 15, spends 3 years in the region of Scotland that does the very best out of the union in terms of public spending and where Highland Region is the main employer. She gets to go to Cambridge and Edinburgh Universities. Then with the benefit of an MSc (Sc??) in immigration and diaspora studies decides, the best way of improving people’s lives is to break up the country??

To me that’s about as barking as the Greens letting some crackers Canadian come to a country in which they have no links or status and then let her campaign to break it up!
The whole thing is just plain bonkers.
Politicians being allowed to mess up the country without their Dads stepping in and cuffing their ears for being naughty, naughty boys and girls just doesn't make sense to me???
This whole charade is turning out to be based just about verbatim on the script of "The Life Of Brian"
Lunatics running the asylum right enough.:D:D
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We're not lumping all three issues together. She explicitly stated that if she was an MSP at the time, she would have voted against the legislation because of her own personal beliefs. This is despite polling from the time putting support for it at 60% among Scots, less than 20% against, and the remaining respondents not having an opinion. Crucially, she would not be "just" having an opinion, she would have been actively trying to stop legislation to permit it.

The only whataboutery is coming from yourself claiming "the vast majority of Scots support her views". I've just pointed out 2 key parts of her views that, at the time, were fairly decisive in public opinion in support of.

As I mentioned, I suspect it is in part due to HY's nod that his religion may contrast to what "public" opinion on issues may be, but he would keep his faith separate. Yes the vote dodging is an issue, but as mentioned, he did vote in favour of initial stage of the Bill, as opposed to the fervent objectors, which may be enough to placate.
It appears the fact of the matter is that Yousef managed to be "double booked" as W.G. put it due to the pressure put on him by the Glasgow Muslim community whose support he depends on absolutely. Therefore, whether he states he is in favour or whatever now is irrelevant, as it appears he will be guided in key decisions by his Imam.
I already applauded Forbes for her honesty, but now I would probably call out Yousef for his disingenuity for trying to have us believe improbable excuses for not being able to attend and then to have us believe that he is all things to all men when the evidence points to him not being so?
Honesty and politics don't mix, and to me Yousef understands that clearer than Forbes and Regan?
Regan, by the way, appears to be playing the long game just now, as she doesn't appear to be getting too involved in debate, dodging bullets quietly in the background.
I wonder if she has a bombshell about to unleash? Oh!!!! the irony!!!!:cool::cool:
The real point about this whole comedy sketch is that, due to inexperience, naivety and incompetence, you couldn't roll all 3 together and come up with one candidate fitting of the position.:(
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What a total farce this countries politics have become.

The way I see it the most reasonable looking candidate for role of First Minister is being discounted because her imaginary friend directs her policy. That was the best and most reasonable candidate! Another candidate who has a different imaginary friend dictating what he thinks is hoping the first candidate is electorally damaged because she's white and spoke first :)

Imagine an alien landing in Hollyrood Park and casting his eye over this fkn carry on. He'd report back to his superiors 'don't bother with this species - on first assessment they are irrational and deluded'
What about the 3rd candidate who appears to be behaving as if the whole contest is imaginary????
Anyway, if aliens were to invade and scanned to find no intelligent life, Scotgov would surprise them with their cunning plan.
They would have their Malkies set to stun. That would sort them.
You couldn't make this bunfight up.:D
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Well, well, well.
Sturgeon, even though she has gone (well, maybe in spirit) breaks another promise by wading into Fun Girl Kate who responds by naming and shaming all her detractors (pretty much every one of Sturgeon's cronie Ministerial cabal) as a bunch of hypocrites.:eek: A bit of the Princess Leia in there somewhere?
I guess she already knew that though as it is fairly common knowledge among the great unwashed. The Church has now waded in complaining about her treatment by the S.N.P. generally and questioning how Church and State could ever work together again in Scotland.:D
Humbug Yousless is getting pilloried for his time as Health Minister as having presided over the greatest decline in standards and care ever. Wait till his critics dig a bit further back in his career, that should make his detractors see clearly that his abilities have always been poorer than abysmal and being promoted to the level of incompetence by Sturgeon back in the day was possibly her greatest misjudgement of a person's ability ever? In the background, another Hospital project in Livingston's cost rockets by £110m while Yousless fiddles.
The 3rd candidate has largely dodged the mudslinging and remains ensconced in her bunker only donning camouflage gear to nip out for some fruit and veg.:cool:
In other news, Fergus Ewing is again the bad boy of the S.N.P. for daring to criticise another Scottish Government project to dual the A9. It was promised to complete by now, latest 2025 he complains. It has now been 10 years on the go, in which time they have completed 10 miles or so. . In reality, the Scotgov geniuses have got it wrong by 25 years or so, 2050 is the revised target. Ewing is in line for another kicking following his criticism of the B.R.S. How long can he cling on to party status, I wonder?? He's pissing the spin doctors right off.:D
Anyway, it appears Mars will be colonised by the time we put a man from Perth into Inverness?
I'm fast running out of whisky, the fun has got to stop sometime, surely??:unsure::unsure:
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Well, a quiet 24 hours have come and gone and the final 3 contenders in the Wacky Races have been confirmed as the same 3 that threw their hats in the ring at the start.
As I await breaking news in Peter and Nicola's £600k treasure trove, I also ponder why none of the so called "Big Guns" (that's a laugh) in the S.N.P. are avoiding nomination?
The poisoned chalice has become more toxic somehow???
Anyway, Petr Murrel is firmly in charge of the contest (conflict of interest, I hear you cry) and the gloves are off. Well, except for Ash Regan ho popped her head above the parapet, made a plea for the mudslinging to stop, and descended back into her bunker.
Fun Girl Forbes says her faith is nothing to do with her politics whilst listening to a C.D. of the Wee Free Church Greatest Hits in the background and Humbug Yousless has been asked several key policy questions. He has replied on each question by asking "What do you think"
On receipt of the answer he then states, "Well, that's what I think too":D:D
The ultimate free thinking mover and shaker moves another furlong closer to Bute House.
Heaven help us all.:eek::eek:
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Keirstream, what did you make of the Daily Record story, that if Kate Forbes wins the leadership race the SNP MSPs would not back her to be First Minister? Just more mud slinging to get the Murrel’s choice elected? Do you see a connection between the First Minister’s resignation and that of the Cheif Constable? Or is it just the conspiracy theorists going wild?
Well, that's the way Sturgeon's Democracy works in the S.N.P. isn't it?
It is a bit of a shock to find out that religion is still a problem in "modern" Scotland.:D
Anyway my curtains will be closed on Sunday and the bible thumped in praise of the Lord directing Forbe's honesty.
Always remember the Canadian who is wired to Pluto and the dandy, tweed bedecked tosspot have registered their intention to pull the plug on their support (not for one minute do I believe those self seeking Charlatons) propping up the Government.
Do you think that threat should influence a truly democratic process??
Surely not!!!!!:eek::eek::D:D
To allow Murrel to be in charge of the election is bizarre in the extreme.:unsure:
The 1st thing that went through my mind on the news of Livingstone resigning was exactly the same as Sturgeon's.
This is too sudden and again, the radar is on standby for another emerging sub plot.:cool:
This is indeed the gift that keeps on giving.(y)(y)
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Does the late submission of the Fergus Marine Accounts count as as an emerging sub plot or is it another red herring dreamt up by the conspiracy theorist?

Big time.
Thank you Morse.(y)(y)
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In breaking news, Ash Regan finally pops her head above the parapets long enough to make some sensible(???) contribution to the debate.
Murrell, she opines, is being worked by Sturgeon's hand up his posterior, and both the puppet and puppeteer should have nothing to do with the contest. "Resign now", she cries from the soapbox.
Net zero by 2045 is unachievable in her humble opinion and these legally binding Scotgov commitments need to be consigned to the dustbin. Along with the A9 dualling and ferry completions, extended by a further 25 years presumably?
You do ask yourself though, why, as a Minister, she hasn't voiced her concerns before? Who had heard of her before her resignation which highlighted the somewhat violent split in the party which she now vows to unite?
Yousless continues his waffling and is the ubiquitous "all things to all men" candidate, but only if you are Muslim presumably?
Under questioning from Alex Neil about his abscence from the Gay marriage vote, he defends avoiding his Ministerial responsibilities by saying there was an important meeting about a Pakistani in death row who he had to rescue. Hmmmmmm? Superhero status now, take that Neil!!!!!!
Fun Girl Forbes continues to defend her right to actually believe in a religion in Scotland that isn't actually based around the teachings of Muhammad. This continues to cause concern within the ranks of woad painted members. It looks like, going forward, as well as a baby box, prayer mats will be available to everyone soon? Her open spat with Swinney (who, incidentally is clearly also being worked by Sturgeon's hand up his arse) continues unabated. It appears though, that she is having to resort to Social Media in an attempt to be heard as nobody within the S.N.P. is listening to her Wee Free's 10 Greatest Psalms C.D. along with her. Christian church congregations are indeed disappearing down the Rivers of Paradise
Sir Ian Livingstone has had enough already.

In the interests of satirical impartiality, and to divert attention from the S.N.P. version of the Crusaders V the Whirling Dervishes scuffles, I have looked darn sarf and into the Shires to see what is happening there?
It appear that the True Blue Tory Chaps, Chapesses, Earls, Lords and Ladies along with a few retired Generals and Majors that make up the Selection Committee in that Truest of Blue Shires, Stafford, have decided to de-select the sitting M.P. Her crime???? Well, it appears she had the temerity to get pregnant, have a presumably True Blue sprog, and to take maternity leave. An action which has raised the eyebrows of her constituents with many and angry exchange taking place. Considering the evidence, the Committee discounted the use of a good flogging with a birch or, indeed hanging her as an appropriate punishment. No, they have summarily removed her snout from the Parliamentary Expenses trough. She is going to appeal to the rank and file for justice it seems.
One wonders if they would have had the gumption to come to a similar decision if she had instead come out as gay or else (shock, horror) Trans???
The world outside the glens and mountains has gone just as mad.
This story has a tankful of mileage left in it yet.:love:
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Looks like Forbes is the front runner.
She is the only one that appears to have sincerity and honesty in her locker.
If those qualities are a defining factor then she is streets ahead.
Tell me this Fruin, in your card carrying member capacity as I am not particularly au fait with internal rules.
This contest is for Leadership of the S.N.P? Right? An election by all members?
Is First Minister going to be a different contest by M.S.P.s only voting which may explain why no big guns are standing just now?
Who said I was a "card carrying" member of the SNP? False narratives abound again!
I may have been at one point, not now.
That's disappointing.
You certainly fly the flag in your unstinting, unwavering and blinkered support.
I'm really surprised you don't put your money where your moth is?
B.T.W. hardly a false narrative???? Rather more an expectation that's been crushed.:D
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It seems that some of the most avid posters on all threads about Scottish politics, think that a person's religion should always be a factor in their ability to govern. While I may hold some sympathy with that view, it should not be particular to Scottish politics. In the UK, King Charles is the head of the Church Of England and all MPs must swear alliegance to him 🤔.
It wasn't the "avid" posters that brought religion into this contest?
It has been quite clearly the senior ministers of your Government.
An "avid" poster like myself merely comment on that fact.
Your party is ripping itself apart internally..
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