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With the river being coloured and a distinct lack of fish at the minute anyway, decided to go to good old Donegal for the day. Headed through Letterkenny, Kilmacrennan, Creeslough, Marble Hill and Dunfanaghy.

Stopped off at Ards forest park for a walk along the beaches and the friary for a quick visit.

Cloud Sky Water Mountain Highland

Cloud Water Sky Mountain Natural landscape

Cloud Water Sky Water resources Coastal and oceanic landforms

Jeans Water Sky Dog Smile

Jeans Water Dog Sky Cloud

I'm glad now that I did.

Lucky man !


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How you managed to smile with a terrier swinging off your wedding tackle I have no idea!!:eek:
That's Daisy the Yorkie playing get the sausage ! :surrender:
I love seeing pictures of where you guys live, and the name of the park! Ards forest....... my name is Ard, who or what Ard was this park named for please?

Great photos!

Hi Ard, in gaelic the word ard would usually refer to high up places, though I can't understand why it was originally chosen here, as it is virtually at sea level as you can see.

Do you happen to be a tall man by any chance ?
What river do you mean ? The Finn, the Owenea or the Drowes ? Very beautiful countryside there !
The river Mourne in Co. Tyrone.
Six foot five inches in younger age but they tell me 6'4" now with almost 64 years of gravity and joint wear.............. maybe the forest was considered worthy of high esteem and was so named? The Ard, that's interesting, thank you :)
At least your folks got the name right with you Ard :)
Ah yes, this one. This is a river I haven't fished yet.
But I thought this is a river for July and August ....?
Worth a throw from the first day in April until the end of the season in October.
Always thought that "Ard" meant beach or strand rather than a high place ?
Looks like it would be worth a visit, though...
ard - Irish Dictionary Online - Word/Phrase in the Irish Gaelic Dictionary
1 - 7 of 20 Posts
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