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Doggy Photo's

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Wasn't sure if i should go to the Picture Gallery with these. Thought it would be nice to see some photo's of your shooting or trialling dogs. As the shooting season is nearly upon us, it could also be a thread for any shooting related photo's. So i'll make a start.

Poppy on the top is Tina's Daughter. Tina is my shooting bitch that i bred to Buccleuch Ideal, she had 11 pups, of which 1 died.

Tina & Poppy again.

Tina on her own.

The new recruit. Kelsey! A bitch from FTCH Mastview Bunty by FTCH Misselchalke Lad Of Halaze.

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Some lovely dogs on this thread,

Here's one of mine trying to get up a highseat!!! :D
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Here is my new best friend, or should I say mischief. My GWP pup at 17 weeks
She's a topper!!!

I do like GWP's

Our 2 1/2 yo Lab, Millie.

Pet dog/gun dog/fish licker...

She's now scared of Salmon rods after I accidently caught her on her flank :( She'll still come with me though.
Thats a handsome Lab!!!
Thanks gents,

You're right, he's a wirehair vizsla, he'll primarily be used for deer stalking so looking forward to that....if my Mrs ever stops cuddling him...:p

The 3 amigos, pup is growing faster by the day but has settled into the household really well.

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Deer tracking training coming along nicely, recent 4 hour old track with a few twists and turns and minimal blood used. Big guy doing great. onwards and upwards
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Braw morning with the mutts.

Lab not amused with the Vizsla photo bomb :p
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Out with my pal on the beating line today

Sky Dog Dog breed Carnivore Plant

Waiting for third drive....stunner of a day

Dog Plant Sky Carnivore Dog breed


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Cracking dog.
Doberman or Manchester terrier?

He is full blown Dobie TFS, daft as a brush but extremely clever at the same time lol. Got our hands full 😂
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This sweet and lovely girl got to 14 and passed away yesterday. Absolutely gutted.
Also lost my father on the 22nd Dec of this year who adored her, I like to think they are reunited now.
2022 can absolutely do one..

Dog Dog breed Carnivore Companion dog Working animal
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I am so sorry to hear of your double loss. There are no words that can be said or written to take away the pain but memories will be the comforting factor for both your father and your sweet girl. I went through similar a few years ago and understand the feelings of this double loss. Like you say your dad will be walking her in the fields of heaven and waiting for the time you are all together again.
I hope you find strength from your memories and love for both and that the New Year brings a happier and brighter start to the months ahead.
Take care,
Many thanks for the kind words Andy.
Here's to a fresh year - onwards and upwards and a Happy New Year to you and yours when it comes.
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