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Doggy Photo's

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Wasn't sure if i should go to the Picture Gallery with these. Thought it would be nice to see some photo's of your shooting or trialling dogs. As the shooting season is nearly upon us, it could also be a thread for any shooting related photo's. So i'll make a start.

Poppy on the top is Tina's Daughter. Tina is my shooting bitch that i bred to Buccleuch Ideal, she had 11 pups, of which 1 died.

Tina & Poppy again.

Tina on her own.

The new recruit. Kelsey! A bitch from FTCH Mastview Bunty by FTCH Misselchalke Lad Of Halaze.

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Good Idea Dabbler. Smashing looking springers.

Here's my 4 year old springer at the end of a hard days shooting last season.

Very nice Jockie! And good to see the old traditional S/S out as well! What make is that? I often take my AYA s/s out after the woodcock, i have a rare enough AYA best quality boxlock, yes! that is indeed the tital of it. Haven't came across another one yet.

That dog looks as though he could quite happily go to sleep after a big feed.
Should you not be at work?:rolleyes::rolleyes:
Would there be a bit of Birdrowe in that boy, very straight front legs, and has a head that you would recognise as having seen before?
smashing dogs pal are they cockers ?:eek:
Thanks SalmonBoy!:D:D

You have left me open there for a right slagging! They are indeed Springers:D
Good looking animal their mucker! Looks to be in great shape!

Meet Colt, he'll be a year old on the 20th of october and he is as mad as a box of frogs.
Real Beauty Doc! I was thinking of getting a Red Setter when i move to the country, wanted a dog for the kids to enjoy, and live in the house with us, either that or a lab. The kids cant enjoy and have fun with the springers as they live outside all the time.
1 - 8 of 2618 Posts