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Doggy Photo's

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Wasn't sure if i should go to the Picture Gallery with these. Thought it would be nice to see some photo's of your shooting or trialling dogs. As the shooting season is nearly upon us, it could also be a thread for any shooting related photo's. So i'll make a start.

Poppy on the top is Tina's Daughter. Tina is my shooting bitch that i bred to Buccleuch Ideal, she had 11 pups, of which 1 died.

Tina & Poppy again.

Tina on her own.

The new recruit. Kelsey! A bitch from FTCH Mastview Bunty by FTCH Misselchalke Lad Of Halaze.

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Good Idea Dabbler. Smashing looking springers.

Here's my 4 year old springer at the end of a hard days shooting last season.

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Very nice Jockie! And good to see the old traditional S/S out as well! What make is that? I often take my AYA s/s out after the woodcock, i have a rare enough AYA best quality boxlock, yes! that is indeed the tital of it. Haven't came across another one yet.

That dog looks as though he could quite happily go to sleep after a big feed.
Its a wee AYA XXV 20 Bore. With the wee 25" barrels you can carry it all day and not know its there. I do all my rough shooting with it.

After a day like that, the dog gets a swim in the river to clean him, dried down a bit with a towel and then gets a good feed of the dry feeding with a couple of good ladle fulls of hot homemade soup. After that you wouldn't know the dog was there! :D
Would there be a bit of Birdrowe in that boy, very straight front legs, and has a head that you would recognise as having seen before?
Honestly Dabbler I don't know. I bought him as a pet and sort of started training for shooting by accident. :)

I got him off my fathers cousin who shoots a lot and had good dogs about him. I know he got the bitch from the headkeeper in Baronscourt and the Sire came from a keeper in Armagh I think it was.

He didn't register the litter because he wasn't sure of how to go about it as one was registered with the EKC and the other was registered with the IKC.

The more and more I've got into training and working him I regret now that he wasn't registered.
She has come from really good stock , 18 months old , the wife wants to keep her as a pet but she has a great nose for the woodcock.

Had a few tips from jockiescott and its working a treat.
So thats the wee dog in question. Lovely looking dog. Glad to be of assistance Jock.
well jockie i hope ur a better shot than dabbler with ur aya, cause he couldnt hit a bull in the ass with a spad:):rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes: theres defo a bit of birdrowe in that chap!! u can see it round his eyes.
I'm not too sore on anything with mine either magher!!! :D
Is there a difference between a labradinger and a springador? :) I saw a sign on the door of a pet shop the other day for Sprollie pups! For sale too. :D

The reason springers get a bad name as a pet is they need loads of exercise and a walk on the lead just doesn't give them what they need. Anyone buying a springer or a cocker should train it as a gundog even if they have no intention of working it.

It is my intention, as you suggest, that if we get a dog I will train it as a gundog even although I do not shoot. That way it would give me and the dog clear targets (excuse the pun) to aim for and would keep us both disciplined.
You shouldn't have any problems with a springer then Fruin. All pups get into mischeif when they're young, chewing things when they're teething etc., Springers are no different. Problems start to arise when they get away with too much.

I was talking to a girl yesterday who has no control over her springer whatsoever. From it was a pup its been getting away with murder. Its not the dogs fault.
Lovely looking springer there!
Jockiescott, I use exactly the same gun for all my rough shooting. I'm only a wee fella and carrying a 6lb gun is far preferable to carrying a 9 pounder for a day.

I wonder if your choking is the same as on mine. I don't know what the chokes are on mine but my second barrel has no bother at all crumpling birds at 65yds+.
I honestly don't know how mine is choked Crispin. I always meant to get a 20 Bore choke gauge but never got round to it. Been looking online and have seen XXV's that were choked 1/4 and 1/2, 1/4 and 3/4 and full and full for driven shooting.

I took mine to the clay ground one day and missed with my first shot and completely 'dusted' the clay with the second shot about a foot above the ground. This was at a DTL shoot so the clay was over 50 yards away at that stage.

Nice terriers folks.
Lovely looking dog Joe. Do you do any hunting with him?
He looks as keen as mustard Joe. Looks like he's itching to get on the move! :D

You could set up wee hunting scenarios for him by hiding tennis balls and stuff in long grass and through bushes and let him search for them. I can imagine is nose down and his tail going a mile a minute searching for them. :D

Lovely dog anyway.
Jockiescott must be running this thread and banning any realdug photos, I am going to try and post some pictures of my young lab I wont post them all at one time as I dont want to give jockie or Simon a complex and they might want to buy ma dug, the stunning lab will be posted on here as soon as my mate can do it.
I'm really struggling to come up with a response to that wildfowler!!! :D :D :D
After a dip

Good man Jockparr, keep the side up for proper dogs! :D C'mon wildfowler, wheres your pics at? :D
Speycaster, is that a pup? Does not look very old. Not scared of the water anyway by the looks of it. Cracking looking dog.

TheSpeyCaster, don't let anyone tell you you what breed of dog to get. You'll know yourself what you like. Any of the gundog breeds will need loads of exercise. Better than any gym membership for weight loss and fitness! :D
Salmosalar, I think your dog may have made an archeological discovery going by that bone!!! :D

Ally G, I couldn't guess the age of that wee dog. They can live to be a right age. My aunt and uncle used to have two of them. One of them lived till it was 18!
Fine array of gundog breeds there! Whats the brown one at the back of team group?

Is it a pointing breed?
Lovely dogs folks.

Those Visla's are great looking dogs.

Thanks for sharing folks
Keep the pics coming folks. This thread is becoming really enjoyable.

Lovely looking Springer pups The-Laird. Big strong looking brutes of things. That Visla is a wise looking dog.

Nice westies too folks.

Keep them coming.
Fine looking dog releaser.

Do you think you could take up beating or picking up? Good way to pass the winter.
Never tried that form of training Pheasantplucker! :D :D :D

Great looking dogs.
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