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Doggy Photo's

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Wasn't sure if i should go to the Picture Gallery with these. Thought it would be nice to see some photo's of your shooting or trialling dogs. As the shooting season is nearly upon us, it could also be a thread for any shooting related photo's. So i'll make a start.

Poppy on the top is Tina's Daughter. Tina is my shooting bitch that i bred to Buccleuch Ideal, she had 11 pups, of which 1 died.

Tina & Poppy again.

Tina on her own.

The new recruit. Kelsey! A bitch from FTCH Mastview Bunty by FTCH Misselchalke Lad Of Halaze.

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What a splendid animal. Beautiful.

Hardest - and kindest - decision to make. Take care x
A big Thank you to each and everyone of you that has commented on old Oscars passing, looking back he had enjoyed a great dogs life really!!

Fishing and shooting with me from the North of Scotland, on the western isles, down as far as deepest Dorset - as well as all over yorkshire - we had some wonderful times - I will miss him.

The one dog left in the kennel on his own for the first time tonight will certainly miss him - now that Jarvis is the only one there he will get 100% of the attention and tit bits as well so that will help him I am sure over the next few weeks.

Watch out - Jarvis Cocker may be putting together a new Band !! ;) maybe a wee Border Terrier as a pal........ a Border called "Bandit", its got a ring to it.

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I know it's early days, and Oscar's are big paws to fill - but would you like a beagle?

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He absolutely doesn't eat everything he sees. Honestly.
NOBODY wants the beag. Sigh. It's a good job I love him.

A border called Bandit is a fine plan. My Mum just bought my Dad a border pup for his birthday. Lily. They are proper little characters - a splendid breed.
Hi guys Meet Buddy my patterdale terrier puppy I have had him 3 weeks he is coming on fine
Look at his little paws!

That's a very cute photo, of a very nice looking dog.
Some doggy photos from the last few days.

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Merle needs to put a bit of weight on. Albie carries it for her... ;) The cocker is just a photogenic guest.
Some nice photos there Dee. Whereabouts where the misty moorland ones taken ?
Not a million miles from where I live , near Langsett I would guess.
Not a million miles - Ringinglow/Hathersage.

Quite often up your way though.
They are just such beautiful dogs, Springer. A credit to you.
beauytifull beautiful what a nice dog , i had pollys hair croped right down yesterday she was covered in sh/////t lol couldnr get it of
Merle needs cutting. Her leg feathers and tail end up vile no matter how much grooming she gets. I used to run my old springer all over with the clippers. They're muck and tangle magnets. Don't know whether I could be as brutal with Merle, but...
Did u get my pm dee about gundog dvds
I did and just replied - it's why I nudged you about your inbox.

You're a good man.
Seth has bestowed upon her the greatest gift known to 6-year old: loom bands. She's one of us now.

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She may be a bag of nerves and pee, but she's *my* bag of nerves and pee. Merle's growing up...

Dog Plant Carnivore Dog breed Companion dog

Dog Snow Carnivore Gun dog Dog breed

And so the beagle doesn't feel left out:

Plant Carnivore Natural landscape Grass Dog breed


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MIK, that dog is pure athleticism. Wonderful condition. The muscles!

This is Merle on Saturday. It was icy cold - bitterly, it started to throw it down with snow about 30 minutes after I took this photo - but she would not come out of the water. This is the spaniel that used to be scared to go in. Small steps...

Dog Dog breed Carnivore Companion dog Terrestrial animal


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She's my second springer. I wouldn't have anything else. The beagle is a character and I love him to bits but never again. Ridiculously hard work. It's very frustrating having one dog that behaves and another that's an anarchist.
I read that as an AntiChrist :D
Which also works. He's a disgrace.
Did someone say pictures of springers...? :rolleyes:

Water Dog Cloud Plant Sky

Dog Carnivore Dog breed Gun dog Companion dog


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And it also means that , your Meg, my Meg and Safranfoer's Merle are all related too! Again back at Gt, Gt Grandfather level via Clarburgh Art! Also further back with Kenine Robb of Rytex and Sunnybrae Siskin.

The world of springers is indeed small!:)
Merle's lineage is full of Badgercourts and her immediate family (dad, grandma) is Helmsway. Tony, they're cousins! Or something.
Wormo, he is GORGEOUS. Properly lovely. Making me feel broody...
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