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I had a try for the elusive salmon on the Ericht today and have to report they are still elusive creatures to pin down.
After the weekends rise thought I’d nothing else to do but haul one or two out but I ended up fishless.
However the river looked in great condition at approx 6” and a lovely tint to it.
I was fishing the West Grange beat and it has some fantastic fly water as the pictures below will show.
lovely deep runs and pools just screaming salmon but as per all over Scotland there is a shortage this year. Perhaps the grilse will turn up on Q.
The WG North bank is very well tended with access to all the pools and fishy bits that was the opposite from the days fishing the opposite bank. They have an arrangement with the Blairgowrie club on splitting the river into Upper and Lower with both banks in play.
So no one is fishing opposite you which is better than previous seasons.
I will post more pictures soon as it’s hard on this mobile


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You mean it wasn't in spate Kenny???:lol::lol::lol:

Looks a braw beat though, shame you didnae get a pull. A river I've never got round to fishing but it's on my hit list.
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