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One of the most common failures in casting shooting heads on double handers is not using a long enough leader in the mistaken belief that it will be harder to cast.Ideally you want/need a complete leader longer than the length of the rod in use. You can use an out of the packet commercial tapered leader of say 10ft along with 5ft of tippet to give a leader length of 15ft. Or a 10ft poly leader and 5ft of tippet to give the same length but choosing an inty. poly or even a faster sinking poly. will give you a degree of depth control that matches or enhances that of your intermediate line.
If you choose a tapered leader, pick Fluorocarbon as that will sink at the same rate as your intermediate tip section of the line you have, and you'll keep the benefits of fishing with an intermediate line.
Obviously if you use a faster sinking line/tip, then pick a matching sinking poly leader to keep the benefits of the sink rate you've chosen.
In the case of leader's more is definitely what's needed over less every single time.
Thanks, and that's a very good point. In this case,I was using a 15' leader with another 6' of tippet.
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