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Cairnton /middle blackhall

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Have a day booked on here end of the month just looking for any info if anyone has fished this beat and flies etc, looks a great bit of water can't wait to throw a line over the pools thanks for any info guys

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re cairton & /middle blackhall

Hi David,

Which beat are you fishing?, I,e Cairnton Or Middle Blackhall,

My brother & I fished Cairton 2 years ago, and really enjoyed it.
I cant comment on middle blackhall as it is the opposite bank,
but by all accounts it does fish well, as when I was fishng some
of the pools on the bottom beat, I noticed fish being caught
round about the rock head,&malt steep pools, also the cottage
pool, opposite the big house at Cairnton.

p.s. if you are fishing cairnton, you will probably have a map
of the pools by now, if not let me know.

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1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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