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Bruce and Walker 14ft Shooting Head Rod.

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I see that on their website B&W advertise a medium fast action 14ft 4 piece shooting head rod rated at 37 grams which they state is proving 'incredibly popular'.

Has anyone tried one and if so any feedback would be much appreciated. :D

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There must be something very secretive about this rod:confused:

No one wants to give any info on them
Look back in the thread and a few have used a skagit, I aint and at moment don't have need , just tried 42gm Guideline scandi goes great
Fawcetts casting day

I managed to get my hands on this rod on Sunday and to be honest I was a bit disappointed. It felt heavy and a bit of a poker. I spoke to Brian i believe and we had a chat about the rod. He informed me that it was a middle to tip rod leaning more to tip, I would not disagree with that. Better casters than me may totally disagree with what I have said. I can only comment on how it felt to me.
I later found out they had a 12 foot 4 inch shooting head rod for a 31g line this rod was for me the best rod I cast that day. Casting and shooting line was effortless it really made me smile, a completely different animal than it's big brother. That day I had cast rods from hardys , vision, zpey and loomis. At I think £630 sheets it is not cheap but neither are the sintrix and the loomis rods of this world, and I much prefered it.

Regards Luney

PS thanks to Fawcetts for the hospitality the food and tea and coffee was very welcome, especially the cakes:eek::eek:
Gave the 12 a go and yes if you need a small rod this is the answer,well finished as all B&W handmade rods are, and once I got used to the action, cast a great line, I don't think it casts as easy as the 14 but perhaps thats my style as my friend handled it great, what suits one don't allways suite another.
Thanks again to Fawcetts for a great day regardless off the wet weather
any of the current b and w Norway or powerlite speycaster range will fire out a SH no bother
Bruce & walker s/head rod

So anyone using this rod whats your thoughts on it
I've just bought one of these from eBay, looks mint apparently only used a couple of times. I shouldn't have really, but I fancied it at £281 plus postage I thought a good buy.

I know b&W rods well, and most of the time they tend to respond to a heavier line ( by one size) will my guideline RTG shortcut heads in #10/11 be too heavy for it? I've not a complete set of the lighter #9/10 about a windcutter or a skagit?

I'm hoping to try it in anger on the north Esk at the end of the month ( if there's any rain) a 14 foot rod is about right on the north Esk in normal conditions...

Any advice from any owners of this rod?
There has been very little written about this rod, I read somewhere that it goes really well with the recommended 38g heads. It's a beautiful rod to look at but I've never cast it. Would love to here owners thoughts though
I've been advised that like other B&W rods, a heavier size line works better i.e. ~ 42g :confused:
What do owners think?
Having used it for a week, I suspect you may be right, I was using guideline RTG distance cut heads, and the new triple density scandi heads 38 gram I think they are....whilst I was getting a great cast, with good distance I had to concentrate to ensure enough tension was being put into the cast to bring the rod to life. I had some 42g short cut RTGs but didn't get chance to use them, but I'll test them out later in the summer if we get some water on the Welsh Dee.

I think a little more weight will make the rod more user friendly, not that its not user friendly...its certainly not as stiff as some rods I have ( stand up loop opti power spey) a bit more weight will make it easier to use and quicker to load.
Anyone else have any thoughts line wise on this rod?
i got one as a gift but have not tried it yet ,anyone know what line would be a good match ?
Finally picked up my Bruce and Walker Shooting head a couple of weeks ago from the factory. Going to give it a go this week with a Rio AFS Outbound integrated shooting head #10-11. I am assured by Brian Potter at Bruce and Walker that it will handle this line


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Nice looking rod Paul. Looks like you received the VIP treatment.
Nice looking rod Paul. Looks like you received the VIP treatment.
Yes certainly did . I will let you have a go with it next time I see you . Might need some more casting lessons off you !
Did you get to try it with the rio ? If so was it a good match
Did you get to try it with the rio ? If so was it a good match
Yes it's the only line I have used and for me it was perfectly matched.
It's a really nice rod by the way.
Thanks, i will get one an try it out .what weight are they .i tried a guideline but it se3med to light , i had to put to much effort in .lovely rods
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