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Boar bristle

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Hi all,

Been a while since I've been on the forum. Mainly trout fishing for a quite a while now. Tying the odd salmon (fishing) fly, Irish Shrimps below.

I started tying (trying to) classic salmon flies. So I wanted to get my hands on pigs wool, bought a boar skin. Subsequently found that I'll have to basically shave the entire best for a few packs of underfur, so no doing that.

Can sell patches of skin if folk are interested. It's a natural 'blond' colour although appears grey in the picture. Taking pieces from different parts of the skin I can provide bristles of different stifness and length.

Was considering putting together packs of a few pieces from each length/fineness.

Thanks for looking and I can take more pics of pieces of skin if folk are interested.

All the best,

PS: would be selling for a tenner posted within uk per pack (three to four pieces per pack?). They should take dye really well.

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