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B&W 20 ft Norway

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Hi all
Is someone here owner of a 20 ft Norway?
Would be nice to get some information about the needet lines.
Best regards
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I could well be wrong Thilo but don't believe B+W do a 20ft Norway,its 18ft in their catalogue,same for the Powerlite.The Experts went to 18ft and the original Walkers 17ft6 in,Cairngorm I believe also 17ft.As ever with B+W heavier end of their line ratings was/is always best,11's and 12's probably if you can find any heavy lines nowadays.The Expert in particular will probably need/want more.Older the model of rod the greater the need for 40yd DT lines.
Best of luck,Pedro.
P.s.,unless you're talking special order rods,B+W would probably make you one and may well have done in the past for some one.
Whoops!!,please accept my apologies Thilo,rather full of "Ossett Blonde" last evening,B+W indeed did do a 20ft rod in the shape of a 20ft walker.A real beast of a rod.My pal Tyke of this forum had one for a while.At least a DT 12 40yder to load it and it would take more.I believe B+W will still do them to order as would Hardy still do a 20 ft Favourite to order.Expensive tho.,and very very hard work to use.See Compy's 25 fter thread.
B&W 20 footer

I don't know anything about them but I saw on the B&W site that they make a Norway 4pcs. 20 foot model.
Hi all
Thanks for answer.
I got a used 18 ft rod from a forum member.
By fishing off the banks very much distance is able.

The rod is a Norway 10 DT / 11 SH 3 piece with handle.
My idea is to order a full 5 ft butt section for this rod.

B&w 20'

My father only used B&W and he fished with a 20' rod in the 80s, my brother and I managed with a pair of 16' 6" and my mother a 15'.
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