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ASR Youth Program

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Any other forum members going on the ASR youth program this year? Im going to Kharlovka/Eastern Litza.
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Looking forward to see you Tom. Are you staying at the Meridian in Murmansk?
Has any one got information on the youth programme for 2012. Any information would be greatly apprecited.

A couple of weeks earlier this year and a full heli program, no walking
Have you been before salmo stalker. Is it good I've heard it can be bone dry in august
There is no doubt that in an average year, the first few weeks of August are the least productive, and the water tends to be lower and warmer than at other times and there are fewer fresh fish entering the system. However, all that said, the K&L and the R normally pick up between 70-80 fish during those weeks. Numbers, typically between 12-14 rods, can go as low as 50 fish but if you get lucky and get a cooler and wetter summer with a good run of fish, then you might get 100+.

I would also note that it isn't just about the numbers: there is always a chance of a really big fish, the whole chopper/tundra experience is awesome and you will get chance to try a whole range of salmon fishing techniques, from bombing to skating and riffled come back with more skills than you arrived with.

I have fished early, late and August weeks: thoroughly recommend it.....even if the fishing is relatively poor, it will still probably be better than most other places and the wider experience is a must for a serious salmon fisher.
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A pretty good analysis by salmon&permit. If I had the funds I would go back without hesitation but as I have been out 4 times now (non prime weeks) I am not going to bust the bank (again) as I still have the memories, even after several litres of vodka.

Go with an open mind and don't set yourself any targets. You will have a great time and if you listen to your guide you will learn in a week what could take several years to do back home. Remember it is the total package that makes the fishing there so special not just the size or numbers of fish.
I fully agree with the above, I have been in early August several times and its great, may not be prime time but its still the best adventure you will ever go on and the fishing can be superb...
I would also have to agree with everything that has already been said, the one piece of advice i would have is to make sure you are well prepared to cope with any conditions. The first year i fished the ASR was on a last minute deal, 2nd week in August. I got one piece of advice that was completely wrong... water will be low, no need to wade or take a double hander... On arrival i knew pretty quickly that i was totally unprepared. Thankfully my guide and wilbert helped me out and i got through the week and did manage a few fish, including the biggest salmon of my life from E Litza.. In honesty i didnt relax the entire week as i was only thinking about how unprepared i was. Two weeks after returning home i had rebooked for the next season, this time i was properly sorted and really appreciated everything the ASR had to offer. The fishing, the food, the wine, the vodka , the service and the best guides i have ever met. Oh and the odd 20 pounder
I have been fortunate enough to have fished all four rivers and been there July, August and September. The Youth week next year i would have no hesitations with, i was young enough??? Even if you get low water, bombers, hitches etc will ensure you have some sport.
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Are any of you guys going next year. The thing I'm not to keen on is how certain age groups get split onto the different rivers. I don't know yet if I Wna do the youth programme or Ponoi as Ponoi looks like some experience to be had. The big difference is tho the cost of it
The age split is only a guide and not a rule, if you have preference for a particular camp say so when you book and I doubt it would be a problem. I fished on Rynda for the first 2 years I was there and had my 27th birthday out there on the first trip and then fished on the Kharlovka / Litza on the last 2 trips. If you can afford it, do it. You only live once.
What rivers did u prefer? Are u doing any trips next year
Talk to Justin of the ASR - he'll give you an idea of who else is going to be out there on the week you are thinking of. The youth weeks can have a spread of ages, but I would also ask about nationalities is you don't really want to be on a week brimming with non-english speakers, unless you of course speak one of the scandi languages or russian.

I would pick the ASR rivers over Ponoi every time.....I have fished there too and while it is an extraordinary river, it is pretty 'samey' in terms of the fishing and while you might come back a better caster, you wont come back a better fisherman. Leave the Ponoi alone until you are compelled to have to fish from a boat, and if you want more choice, have a look at one of the non-peak weeks on Yokanga, which tends to be cheaper the the ASR and is pretty wild place to fish.
I would pick the ASR rivers over Ponoi every time.....I have fished there too and while it is an extraordinary river, it is pretty 'samey' in terms of the fishing and while you might come back a better caster, you wont come back a better fisherman.
Everyone has a right to a preference but your observations on Ponoi are hardly accurate.

Firstly, you will generally catch more fish on Ponoi which will teach you something as you only learn from success, we learn very little from long fishless days.

Secondly, the river is different from top to bottom, I have fished it all from Kolovi right down to Brevyeni. The variation of water is significant, especially when fished from the bank.

Thirdly, there is no compulsion to fish from a boat unless you wish to. Ive landed more fish wading than I have from a boat and have always been near the top of the catches for most weeks I have fished.

The only time when the boat offers the best bet is the really high water of early spring.

I havent fished ASR and would very much like to but a sense of balance needs to be applied here. This summer the whole of Kola suffered from low water, Ponoi was the least effected by this. I had rods out there with me in July who all managed 20+ fish for their week while ASR guys were struggling to get near double figures.
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That's the thing that's pushing me towards the Ponoi numbers of fish. I could spend 2 3 grand in Scotland and struggle in some places. It's always gd to know that the possibility of catching greater numbers of fish are there. Also I will be going alone and will need to find out what nationalities are going.
I was lucky enough to fish both the Kharlovka and Ponoi this year (it was my first time on the latter). The Ponoi is a fabulous river and you are more likely to catch a lot of fish, but the fishing on the K&L is more varied and the fish tend to be larger (you will catch a fair few grilse in August). You will learn a lot on both the Ponoi and the K&L. I personally think the Kharlovka & Litza are more interesting rivers to fish for a week, but that said the Ponoi is fantastic: I had one of my greatest days fishing there this September. Which ever you choose you can be safe in the knowledge that the week you go for will surpass any other weeks fishing you have had! It is not a matter of which is better, it is a matter of which river excites you more...
Which ever you choose you can be safe in the knowledge that the week you go for will surpass any other weeks fishing you have had! It is not a matter of which is better, it is a matter of which river excites you more...
I would say that pretty much sums all of the major Kola rivers up nicely.

Each one has its own set of pros and cons. The important thing is you get the right advice to help you make the right decision and achieve from your week what your looking for.
Thanks for the replys guys. I won't know until I have been to either or I only want to get as much information and know what I want before i go. As I'm young I want it to be best as it can as I myt no be able to go for a few more years and not every year like the lucky ones. I have more than one expensive hobby.

Thanks for all the advice and information

I haven't fished the Kharlovka but I was lucky enough to join Springer on the Ponoi in July. Whilst I did fish a lot from the boat I did also wade and fish from the bank, the decision is very much down to the angler. I do not agree with salmon&permit that you don't come back a better fisherman, I learnt a hell of a lot in such a short time. It just could be that I have more to learn and am not such a good angler as salmon&permit;). I believe you get out what you put in and everybody will get get something different from wherever they fish - different people have different requirements and expectations. I would like to fish the Kharlovka and other areas, we can always live in hope. In the meantime I am looking to go back to Ponoi next year because i enjoyed it so much.:D
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