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A few featherwings

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Some various flies over the past couple weeks.

Pollinator Arthropod Insect Butterfly Moths and butterflies

Insect Plant Terrestrial plant Grass Arthropod

Hair Eye Natural material Azure Animal product

Insect Arthropod Wing Feather Pest

Wood Arthropod Fashion accessory Natural material Wire

Feather Plant Wing Wood Tints and shades

Eye Insect Arthropod Automotive lighting Tints and shades

Eye Insect Arthropod Organism Feather

Purple Plant Violet Natural material Feather

Arthropod Insect Natural material Twig Invertebrate

Bait Wood Feather Fishing lure Fishing bait

Insect Arthropod Close-up Parasite Pest

Arthropod Insect Wing Pest Invertebrate

Insect Arthropod Pest house fly Parasite

Eye Plant Wood Insect Feather

Head Insect Eye Arthropod Plant

Purple Natural material Organism Violet Animal product

Eye Arthropod Insect Pollinator Electric blue

Eye Feather Tints and shades Magenta Fashion accessory

Insect Arthropod Wood Moths and butterflies Pollinator

Plant Wood Insect Feather Tints and shades

Hair Head Eye Insect Arthropod

Arthropod Insect Terrestrial plant Invertebrate Net-winged insects
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Some serious skill on display here, really nice
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Wow, what a selection and beautifully tied. Some lovely colour combinations and it’s always interesting to see how nice the subtle browns and whites of natural feathers mixed with a bold colour look great - yet - I never really try and replicate that on a modern tube or hook. Good work 👍
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I thought you said "a few" Wow!

I still have the same hook in the vise that's been there for a week almost. Another full 14" when I rolled into action at 7 this morning, it's gonna be another interesting day :)
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All those look brilliant. I particularly like the Pheasant rump one in the second picture.

Lovely stuff!
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I'm going to agree with GK in that the second image with the long jungle cock feathers and the blue / pheasant going on is really a spectacular piece of fly crafting. Is that just something you threw together?
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Thanks gents. Ard / Grassy, that is the Gibbs Shrimp pattern. A Steelhead pattern originated by Mike Brooks that is detailed in Trey Combs Steelhead Fly Fishing book. I wish I was clever enough to whip together a freestyle like this. I added some stylistic flair to it.

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