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  1. Swap Shop
    rio scandi 610 floating Looking for the above line have a rage 570 in as new condition ten minutes use or a zpey fusion 8/9 30g 0/0/1sink tip vgc for swap
  2. Rod Building
    Guys, Anybody know how to cleanly remove the bent handle from a Zpey Infinity (and replace it with a straight handle)? I should explain that thanks to Zpey I have two butt section for the Infinity; one being the original simple bent handle and the second being a Mark 2 with the Signature style...
  3. Classified Sales
    Zpey fusion 34gm float/sink1 shooting head and salmologic running line,both are used but have plenty of use left in them,all loop are spot on SOLD
  4. Zpey
    The lining in one of the stripping-rings on my Zpey Infinity disappeared! Emailed Zpey inquiring if a replacement could be had and a new ring arrived in the post two days later. Wow:) H
  5. Classified Sales
    I have a set of 3 Zpey Fusion II heads for sale, hardly used and on original spools and in original boxes. Float, 0/0/1 and 1/2/3. They are 41gr and rrp was £80 each new. I'm looking for £120 Inc p&p for the set.
  6. Classified Wanted
    I'm a fan of HM's blanks (whatever about the handles) and currently fish the 13'7" Skyborn and would like to have his Zpey Instinct version. If you have one you no longer use and would sell, I'd be pleased to hear from you. H PS Never used the bent handle version but maybe it can re-engineered...
  7. Classified Wanted
    Looking for a floating shooting head around 33-34gms zpey,salmologic etc
  8. Classified Wanted
    Wanting a Zpey Fusion Shooting head 41g 0/1/2 if any out there...?
  9. Classified Sales
    I have a set of 3 Zpey Fusion heads for sale, unused and re spooled onto original spools and in original boxes. Float, 0/0/1 and 1/2/3. They are all 41gr and are £80 each new. I'm looking for £120 posted for the set, half price and a bargain for someone.:thumb::thumb: SOLD
  10. Classified Sales
    In good condition not being used so hence the sale. SOLD
  11. Classified Wanted
    I'm looking for Zpey HM Signature 12.1' #8 with classic handle.
  12. Classified Sales
    Zpey running lines x 3 -- SOLD 0.36 orange coloured Used, but still some life left in. Two are pre-looped both ends, one has one loop. £15 for all three, as they might as well be of use to someone
  13. Classified Sales
    Above for sale.......£220 posted in UK.....SOLD THANKS TO THE BUYER
  14. Classified Sales
    Zpey Fusion II Floating shooting head, 37 grams, 12m, with original box. Spooled on a reel, not used, re-spooled back in box. Still one of the best fly lines ever made. £30 posted. Also have Shakespeare Oracle Short Spey 32g 8/9 Spey Line(basically a shooting head with integrated running line)...
  15. Classified Sales
    Nice and handy Zpey Gear bag here that no longer suits my rods. Internal pocket for rods is 39inches so if your rods are under this then it really is a life saver, everything in one place, pick it up and go. Am actually sad the new rods wont fit in it £80 posted UK/Ireland (RRP €135) - SOLD
  16. Classified Sales
    Zpey hm signature switch rod 10ft 18 grams #8 in mint condition comes with bent and straight handle and tube. Three 18gram salmologic short-cut heads in all the densitys also salmologic running line and 3 leaders. Pflueger trion reel #8 £300 SOLD SOLD...
  17. Classified Sales
    I have a Zpey HM Signature Switch rod that is not getting used for sale. Comes with short extension, Zpey handle, and also a straight Salmologic handle. It is rated 20g and I can supply a Rio SSVT 21g or Guideline Compact Float and F/H/I 21g or all 3 lines. Lastly, a 9/10 Vision Classic 3...
  18. Zpey
    Just a heads up the new Zpey Zpin spinning or worming rod just launched in the UK. Zpey Zpin 10ft 5inc 4pc 7-28gr awesome bit of kit and I really like the handle butt design and quality Fuji real seat system which tightens up by turning the top grip, with all best quality eyes and the best...
  19. Classified Wanted
    Looking for a zpey fusion 30gm floating head or salmologic logic 30gm Ss
  20. Classified Sales
    Hi, I am scaling down my reels collection. For sale is a Zpey Phantom reel in sliver/blue, reel size 10-12. The reel is brand new and untouched. The serial number of this reel is No.0002! (perfect for collectors) The reel comes with original neoprene case and box. Looking for (£300) NOW...
1-20 of 56 Results