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  1. New Member Introductions
    Hi all,not sure what am doing as in posting things as am not computer/internet savvy.Been a member for a while but never thought I had much to contribute but love reading all the threads.Fished a lot in my younger days and have got back into river fishing again (Nith)in the last 4/5 years.
  2. General Board
    For the longer-standing members of the forum who knew of Tyneytone, later Boner, I'm sad to have to let you know that he passed away this morning. Great lad, a welder from the North East of England he was a true fool in the nicest possible way. He spent a lot of time encouraging the younger...
  3. Classified Sales
    Two DVDs for sale A Professionals Guide to Tying Hair Winger Salmon Flies by Jimmy Younger A Professionals Guide to Tying Shrimp Patterns by Gloria Younger £30 posted in UK. (to buy these new cost £28.95 each).
  4. Rods
    The idea is to see what interest there is in fishing split-cane fly rods for salmon, and what the benefits and downsides are. I personally love them - although the obvious downside regarding weight is now one which limits my use of such rods to quite short sessions. But there must be some...
1-4 of 4 Results