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  1. Hairwing Fly Patterns
    Ayrshire's naming of the Garry Dog, the original and a modern Scandi version. I used the original pretty much exclusively when I was young fishing the River Irvine. Simple yet really effective, I'm liking these old flies more and more.
  2. Picture Gallery
    Lucky to have the Male and Female Dippers feeding the young one's 200mts from house on The Moy Foxford .
  3. Reels
    Would anybody have a pic of J W Young 1500 set up for right hand wind with one pawl engaged or a pic from an instruction manual? Many thanks, Leo.
  4. General Board
    More donated tackle handed in to a local club for the young lads
  5. Off Topic Lounge
    Nothing on tv so watching itv4 and an old Poirot episode and who should pop up but Paul Young playing a dodgy banker. No wonder he took up making fishing programmes.? I met him once some years ago - I had been fishing loch Beltra and decided on a drink in the Black Oak Inn, the other side of...
  6. General Board
    Fishers, I thought I would post my personal experiences of a hatchery on my home river. I will say from the start that these views are my own personal ones - and not those of the hatchery, hatchery manager or the charity that runs the hatchery. First a bit of background: Here in SW Scotland we...
  7. Picture Gallery
    Hungry young Great tit. The adult holds the sunflower heart between it's leg's and feeds the young one .
  8. General Board
    Aberlour on the Spey has landed it first fish for 2019. Caught by Scott Mellis a very capable young local angler 7lb on the fly today.Well done that man
  9. General Board
    The Hooked series with Paul Young is being shown on STV2, started last night so get your Betamax’s fired up!
  10. General Board
    Who is or was your favorite t.v fishing presenter , mine would be Paul Young Hooked on Scotland followed by Jack Charlton
  11. Reels
    Anyone got an old spare spool for the JW Young 1535 series, and willing to offload ?
  12. General Board
    Planning a trip for a mate's 40th next year. Where would you recommend for a special trip ideally in the UK, money not too much of an object but needs to have likely availability. Would consider a foreign trip as well but we have wives and young kids to consider who need to be able to...
1-13 of 13 Results