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  1. Welsh Rivers
    Happy New Year and tight lines to all Wye salmon anglers. Let’s hope for better conditions and more fish than we have experienced over the last two years; and may they stay on. Earlier in the week I spent a couple of enjoyable hours on the bank moving flotsam and cutting back brambles and...
  2. General Board
    Some lovely lots donated in aid of the Wye and Usk Foundation who are working hard to restore the Wye and Usk to their former glories The auction can be seen here The joy of project gearing means that every £1 raised means £20 is spent correcting the problems afflicting both rivers. There is...
  3. General Board
    Hi chaps, I'm looking for a few days salmon fishing with a guide and at least a likelyhood of catching. Anywhere UK really but with a practical preference for southernish. Maybe Wye?
  4. Head Cam Videos
    Trying out a 10ft. Hardy Demon and Shimano Stradic C5000 for the first time on the Aramstone Beat, River Wye, Herefordshire. After a couple of Kelt this little beauty gave me a right run-around, weighing in at 18lb. Wye Salmon 2019 - YouTube Enjoy!
  5. General Board
    I know they draw on the same run of fish but given the choice which would you target; thinking particularly of the Wye and Usk passport waters? I am to travel a bit more from my mid-south coast location to save a load of money and improve my chances and both these rivers are reasonably accessible.
  6. Welsh Rivers
    Well somebody had to start 2019 I suppose. Let's hope the once mighty Wye defies the considerable odds and gets back some of it's glory. Happy new season to everybody and fingers crossed.
  7. News & Features
    I know it’s a bit late but hopefully you can find it on catch up. (My series link picked it up). There was a program on the Wye on Bbc4 on Monday. Quite a bit of fishing shown and other people who live and work by the river. :thumb::thumb:
  8. Travel/Last Minute Trips/Rod Availability (TRADE)
    Letton Court, a beautiful private estate on the Wye near Hereford is offering SFF members a discount between March 16 and June 15 (Coarse fishing close season). A half day is now only £10 and full day salmon fishing £15! This is a special promotion to get people fishing this beat (new owners)...
  9. Hardy
    Had an absolute bargin today picked up on Gumtree a mint Fibalite 9.5ft spinning rod in its bag that not been used for £40. Hope to use it on the Wye for early high water fishing. See how it compares to my Diawa Signature.
  10. Travel/Last Minute Trips/Rod Availability (TRADE)
    The Letton Court fishery on the River Wye in Herefordshire, has generously offered our Fish&Fly and salmon fishing forum members a £10 off (per permit) ibookfishing voucher of "fandf". (Valid from March 3 - to June 15, 2018.) This brings the price of an afternoon's spring salmon fishing (in the...
  11. Picture Gallery
    Tied this for Spring fishing a few years ago. Fished it on the Wye . No salmon but this chub got the heart going for a time. Colin
  12. Hairwing Fly Patterns
    Nothing new just tying up some early season tubes for the Wye using the classic BLACK ORANGE YELLOW colours (oh and a green erse on this one) Tied on a 30mm copper tube those big Wye Springers won't be able to resist it :rolleyes::rolleyes: (If there are any about this year)
  13. General Board
    Wye and Usk Foundation are having an online auction of promises. There is some good stuff in here that is not normally available including fishing on the Findhorn, Wissey, Itchen, Avon (with lunch in mitchelin star pub thrown in!) and off course access to some very exclusve and productive beats...
  14. General Board
    Has anyone bothered to try and figure out which dry fly patterns work and when on the Wye...or even fished a dry on the Wye since La Branche was over and missed one on a dry at Hampton Bishop? Curious to hear... Cheers; silverleapers
1-15 of 15 Results