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  1. Fly Tying Topics
    Something so simple you'd think but I'd got it wrong - no wonder I was struggling! Thanks for making such a clear video Ryan. :thumb:
  2. General Board
    I lifted this from Eddie McCarthy's weekly report. Reminds me of the late Peter Gray. "As I was going about various chores this week I kept feeling that there was something missing. it then dawned on me that I would normally be setting up the Hatchery ! For some reason "science" decided that...
  3. General Board
    I am trying to remember the name of the company that sells reels...I think it was a 3 letters name but could be wrong. I think the owner use to advertise and be a member on here...anyone help.. Thanks
  4. The Art of Casting
    I am being especially thick this morning but does this clip show a Snap T or a double spey ? If its a double spey I have been doing the initial sweep upstream wrong for years - which is quite probable. Thanks...
  5. General Board
    Knew my tactics on the Usk were wrong :rolleyes: Watch the video. Heavy rains send salmon swimming across flooded Washington highway | Daily Mail Online Sewinfly. ......
  6. General Board
    A huge probe is under way to establish whether a grey seal death in Aberdeen Harbour was due to blasting work at the Aberdeen Harbour expansion project. It comes amid concerns by residents that blasting work may have led to the animal's death. Marine Scotland is investigating the case...
  7. Off Topic Lounge
    Stuck on 4 Down - Beat on the Tay (7 letters) and 35 Across - Tiny black fly (4 letters). Must have gone wrong somewhere as they can't be that difficult!
  8. Canadian Rivers
    I'll be visiting family in Vancouver in mid-June, combining it with a trip to the Kenai Peninsula, staying at a friend's in Anchor Point for about 2-3 weeks. He's not a keen fisherman except for a bit of trouting once in a while, so maybe you guys can give me a few pointers. I did a bit of...
  9. General Board
    I am a bit confused - when I use my laptop the inbulit forum spell check works and highlights errors. On my PC it doesnt. I thought that it used a link back to Word's spell check /dictionary but I must be wrong as both PCs are running the most recent version of microsoft office 365. Any ideas...
  10. General Board
    Tried the hitch fly for the first time recently and had quite a few fish follow and attack the fly. Not hooked anything on it yet. Am I doing something wrong? Any tips on how to improve on this method would be greatly appreciated.
  11. Site Help and Suggestions
    Using an ipad pro I can't see any of the uploaded videos ??? Anyone else got the same problem ? Any ideas of what might be wrong and how I could fix it ?
1-11 of 12 Results