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  1. Spinning
    Has anyone here ever used the Kuusamo Lures from Finland? When I was last in Finland, I came across them and they looked really good, but was staggered at the price tag with them! £7-£10 or so for a spinner £8-£12 for a Spoon. Are they worth it or am I best sticking to my Abu's, Mepps, Rapala's...
  2. General Board
    Maybe of interest to any Scottish Angling Clubs/Associations struggling financially, worth a look.
  3. Off Topic Lounge
    In the early 70s as a teenager i had a collection of observer books, the ones i remember having were British birds,birds eggs,fresh water fishes,pond life and British trees and one or two others, these books were an essential when out exploring too use as a reverence. I now see that some of...
  4. General Board
    Hi, As anyone had any recent experiance at fishing the Dallam Beat on the lower kent ? I was wondering if its worth giving it a go this season ? Thanks in Advance Chris
  5. Spinning
    How good are they and are they worth the money? Anyone used them much?
  6. Running Lines
    Something out of box thinking. Ordered 60lb spool of this: Robot Check Feels bit like Sawada flat beam, slightly oval and feels nice to hands. Aiming to use it all my reels next summer. A guy I know used this whole last summer and said that worked just like Sawada. With that price it is worth...
  7. General Board
    Does anyone have any experience of the 13ft 9in 9/10 versions of these rods? Do they perform better with a 9 or a 10 weight and is the NT8 worth the extra money?
  8. Fly Tying Videos
    Some folks have a bit of trouble when doubling is a video which is worth watching Hackle Folding Tool - YouTube
  9. Fly Tying Topics
    Bought these today at B+M bargains 4 for £2 they are well worth it..I know they are not a recognised fishing outlet but well worth a try..
  10. General Board
    Thought this would be worth a share for those not on FB. The Biggest Brown Trout in the World - Thingvellir, Iceland - Flylords Mag
  11. Shrimp Fly Patterns
    We fly always worth a swim
  12. River Spey
    I've got the opportunity to go to Grantown "Castle Grant" for a week starting Friday coming is it worth going weather permitting? Cheers Al
  13. General Board
    Its so bad even poachers are complaining its not worth their while
  14. General Board
    Time to replace the felt soles on my wading boots! I see Snowbee do a replacement kit (felt soles & glue) for £30 Anyone used this kit and is it worth it? Any other kits worth considering, appreciate any tips and feedback! Cheers Bobby
  15. River Tay
    Going Aberfeldy for a week in August used to fish for trout as a boy there is there salmon fishing available and is it worth while thanks
  16. General Board
    Hi all. My friend and I fly fish and spin regularly for pike and trout. We both really want catch a salmon. We’re based in Devon and are happy to drive 2/3 hours. We’re free 16th June but are unsure where to go or if it’s even worth it. We’ve been advised not to bother with the wye at the...
  17. General Board
    LBC Nick Ferrari will be discussing Fly Fishing on tomorrow mornings show. 7-10am Might be worth a listen.
  18. General Board
    Worth a watch.. Facebook
  19. General Board
    3 marathons in 3 days following famous salmon rivers. This is a cause worth supporting Virgin Money Giving | The Salmon Run 2019
  20. Other Videos
    Are they worth the money?How is a fly line made? - RIO Products' Making the Fly Line - YouTube
1-20 of 62 Results