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  1. Patterns for other species
    Ragworm fly, made for sea trout before my trip was cancelled, maybe I'll use it for bass? Cox & Rawle Chinu as stinger hook mixed brown and black marabou tail dubbing loop of chopped fiery brown fox tail, brown and black marabou, braided with 2 strands of 50lb red braid small black conehead...
  2. Welsh Rivers
    Having read the new game fishing regulations for Welsh Rivers I'm unsure about worm fishing. The wording in the Salmon Fishing Restrictions. "Worm fishing for salmon is prohibited at all times." The wording for Sea Trout restrictions says "Bait fishing for sea trout is allowed outside the...
  3. Worm Fishing
    Pretty new to salmon fishing and worming and would like some help in choosing which line and set up - braid? mono? fluoro? leader? I've been out a couple of times with - 16lb braid, 10lb flouro leader, size 4 hook and a couple of bb shot about 3 foot from the hook, only brownies interested so...
  4. General Board
    I know there is already a thread for this but it just turned into people slating spinning and others fly fishing so please try to stay away from that... anyone have any tips ? Sea trout and salmon? Which colours? Anyone used luminous? Do fish take the worm at night? I saw someone using a soft...
  5. Grayling Fishing
    That time of year is approaching.. Tied up the simplest of worm patterns to try Daiichi keel hook Wire body (colour of your choice) Small blob of UV orange nail varnish Cover in resin Nice Slim profile but may try a heavier guage of wire for a more pronounced segmentation Anyway. Hope it...
  6. North Atlantic Salmon Conservation
    Another small step forward in the right direction, especially if we are starting to see a "wobble" from investors. Climate crisis and antibiotic use could 'sink' fish farming industry - report | Environment | The Guardian
  7. Worm Fishing
    Ok, first time for me fishing for salmon with worms. I set up with some 9lb line, #8 bait holder hook and freeline it. Managed to land 7 trout and 3 smolts so far in 2 days. Now I'm wondering, all the fish were nicely lip hooked. :peace: but everyone saying fish swallow the worm, I'm thinking...
  8. Worm Fishing
    Hi all, need help.. I've gone through countless forums and youtube videos on how to correctly fish for salmon on worm and still lost and its a technique I would love to know. I've followed all the guidelines, the bouncing betty etc but when I'm at the river and cast out I dont feel the worms...
  9. Irish Rivers Reports & News
    What is the best method for hooking lobs whilst worm fishing ?
  10. Fishing Videos
    First carp in this year! Yeah! So, I'm fished at the white bread and red worms. I haven't different lures, but second rood was throw at pop up boilies, also the result was nothing. I think, the water is cold and fish need live bait's.
1-10 of 10 Results